At the beginning of November 2019, Rosenbauer was once again represented as a one-stop supplier of personal protective equipment for firefighters at A+A, the world’s leading trade fair for occupational safety and health in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Rosenbauer booth at the A+A in DüsseldorfThe decision to present ourselves to a national and international audience as a one-stop supplier for all things PPE (personal protective equipment) was once again a complete success this year. The fair offered us a forum to present the Rosenbauer PPE system to a special professional audience whose primary concern is the procurement, standardization, and approval of PPE. Once again this year, we had great conversations with our customers, whether they were professional fire departments, plant fire departments, disaster relief organizations, insurance companies, or associations.

Rosenbauer employees at the A+A in DüsseldorfThe number of visitors was again higher than at the last A+A, and the questions regarding the individual standards and guidelines are also becoming increasingly complex. Due to our very competent and multilingual staff on site, we were once again able to demonstrate our competence as the world’s only manufacturer of coordinated personal protective equipment from head to toe (helmet, protective clothing, protective gloves, safety boots).

By closing ranks with the neighboring stands where the Works Fire Brigade Association Germany (WFV-D) and the VFDB (Association for the Promotion of German Fire Protection) were represented, a fire service forum was formed in the middle of Hall 6 and was the point of contact for the colleagues from professional, factory, and voluntary fire departments.


PPE from head to toe

Rosenbauer helmet wall at the A+A in DüsseldorfOur highlights were the HEROS-titan firefighter helmet system, the matching helmet-mounted thermal imaging camera C1, and new communication options that can be integrated into the helmet. A real show stopper were the dolls with the latest FIRE FLEX, FIRE MAX 3, FIRE FIT 2, and THL suits in various colors and exterior layer materials – from NOMEX to NXT to PBI – which hovered at a height of 5 m on the stand wall and could be seen from afar.

We owe it to our customers that we are in the position we are in today. 20 years ago we started selling personal protective equipment for firefighters in Germany. In those days we started virtually from scratch with the HEROS helmet, protective gloves, and boots. Over the last two decades, the product range has been continuously developed and expanded.



Reliable partner for the personal protection of firefighters

Rosenbauer boot wall at the A+A in DüsseldorfThanks to our excellently trained and very competent sales partners – who are regularly instructed on our products and particularly also in the specific standards and regulations – we are the perfect partner for our customers around the world when it comes to personal protective equipment. This is also the case because we know the requirements of firefighters very well and translate this into attractive, ergonomic PPE that meets the highest protection goals.

Rosenbauer is now the world leader in the field of personal protective equipment for firefighers and the only manufacturer to have a fully coordinated range of personal equipment from head to toe in its product range. From boots, protective suits and protective gloves through to our helmet systems from our own development and production. Because PPE is only as good as the weakest link within the set. Not only do we develop and manufacture individual PPE components, but we also take an integrated approach to ensure that our firefighter colleagues can enjoy outstanding protection.