In mid-2019, the Schönau an der Donau volunteer fire department was able to commission a a rescue vehicle with watertank (HLF1-W) conforming to the construction guidelines of the Lower Austrian Fire Brigade Union.

The proved Compact Line panel van concept was implemented on the new Mercedes Benz Sprinter VS30 519 4×2 for the first time.

The compact vehicle is a true space-saver. A crew of six people can extinguish minor fires with the aid of the H5 pump system and the 500-liter water tank, and also prevent the spread of large fires by means of an initial extinguishing assault. The rear-mounted portable pump, complete with suction equipment, also makes this emergency vehicle perfect for firefighting support. A Halligan tool and first-aid kit provide initial assistance to people in traffic accidents. Thanks to the RS9 power generator, the NAUTILUS 8/1 submersible pump, guardrail, and a motorized chainsaw, this small all-rounder is a reliable partner for fire departments, even in the event of a natural disaster. Three COMFORT equipment compartments and two COMFORT drawers at the rear ensure that the loading area of the van can be maximally utilized and that the extensive load can be ergonomically removed.

However, the on-board equipment and extinguishing technology are not the only impressive features of the rescue vehicle HLF1-W. The powerful ambient lighting with LED strip technology illuminates the scene of the operation far beyond the vehicle’s immediate surroundings. The safety of the emergency crews is ensured thanks to a six-piece flashing LED light set.

In the eyes of the Schönau an der Donau volunteer fire department, a perfect emergency vehicle with compact dimensions has been created.


Technical data

CL Rescue fire fighting vehicle