The universal fire engine ULFA 6000/2000/2000 of the OMV Gänserndorf plant fire department is an absolute HEAD-TURNER. Its length of almost 11 meters is enough in itself to catch the eye. It has to have a suitable chassis, and this was found in the MAN TGS 41.500 8×6. The two steerable front axles allow that these dimensions can be driven safely through any turn.


Sophisticated extinguishing technology

The vehicle’s contents are also impressive.
At the heart of the system lies a Rosenbauer N100 centrifugal pump, which, combined with a HYDROMATIC 800, not only provides a sufficient supply of water, but also the required foam. This can be distributed to three individual outlets to the left and right of the pump room, but also to the Rosenbauer RM60C monitor. A 6,000 l water tank and a 2,000 l foam tank can be relied upon for the water supply. A 2,000 kg capacity high-pressure powder extinguishing system is installed in the front. One thing to note here is that the system is charged by means of a compressor, which is already built into the vehicle. The foam-compatible BC powder can be launched either using the Rosenbauer RM60CP monitor or via the rapid attack hose reel fitted with a powder gun.


Broad scope of application

OMV Gänserndorf’s plant fire brigade is not only responsible for fire protection at the Gänserndorf site, but also for the protection against fires in crude oil and natural gas plants throughout their area of operation, which is primarily considered to be the northeastern portion of Lower Austria. In order to be able to ensure safe operation of the ULF even in the case of fire safety guards, longer operations, and especially during cold weather, both the water and foam tanks have been equipped with a powerful, thermostatically controlled tank heater.

Adequate illumination is provided by the LED wide beam installed in the roof panel and the Rosenbauer FLEXILIGHT light mast.

Both the monitors and the light mast can be operated via the Rosenbauer radio remote control, this guaranteeing safe maneuvering and operation in the event of an emergency.

Great importance has also been attached to the safety of the emergency crews. For example, a pneumatically adjustable roof railing is fitted to the vehicle, in order to ensure maximum safety when working on the roof structure.


Many years of collaboration

The new ULFA 6000/2000/2000 replaces an old ULFA 6000/2000/2000 built in 1999.

Rosenbauer has already impressed in terms of quality, customer-oriented solutions, and service in the various procurement processes of OMV Group, this allowing us to supply this ULFA for the OMV Gänserndorf plant fire brigade.


Technical data

CBS industrial fire fighting vehicle for the OMV plant fire department