Rosenbauer ET

Core module with tank and pre-installed pump unit

The firefighting trucks of the AT series (Advanced Technology) demonstrate daily in countless operations why this series is so successful. Even so, the AT was primarily developed for the special demands and requirements of fire departments in Central Europe. Internationally fire is also extinguished with water, but the requirements of the emergency crews for their emergency vehicles are usually very different.

In order to fulfill the variety of all these requirements, it was clear to us that we had to take the advantages of a tried and tested series, refine them, and apply them, to a new design. For us, this had the advantage that we could use the parts of the AT series, which are manufactured in large numbers in industrial production and therefore offer a constantly high quality. In addition, we could also make use of the series production processes of our ultra-modern production plants in order to fully produce the vehicle or to deliver to selected partners around the world as a pre-installed and pre-assembled kit.

The idea is to make the assembly kit available to our partners based on 100% Rosenbauer Technology so that they can efficiently finalize the vehicles. Each fire department can assemble their ET (Efficient Technology) from multiple pre-defined variants with extensive options, as their operational tactical requirements require. So all in all in this way we create efficiency in the procurement.

Rosenbauer Efficient Technology (ET)

Operating the Efficient Technology (ET) pump unit

Fire departments need two things for operations: water and a pump. The pump unit on the rear of the vehicle is installed to be easily accessible and is directly connected to the water tank, which is located inside the vehicle. So equipment can easily be removed from outside. Our Rosenbauer COMFORT stowage system guarantees good hold for the equipment and ergonomic removal options. All of this ensures efficiency in operation.

Even the electronics required for the automation of the vehicle (principally the CAN-Bus and displays) was reduced to a minimum or was fully foregone in the ET series. In this way, even the programmed processes required for the operation of more complex extinguishing system are not needed.

Rosenbauer ET

ET as Combined Fire & Rescue Truck on Volvo FMX

Through the conscious omission of electronic components an easily understandable extinguishing system and tool is produced which is pared back to the main functions. Not only can this be easily operated but it also facilitates the spare part procurement and takes account of the respective local conditions during servicing – especially in the remotest regions of the world. That makes the ET efficient in maintenance in every regard.

I hope that the new ET has piqued your interest and look forward to hearing your opinions of this new series, which stands for 100% efficiency.