The new TIGON towers over everything that has existed before. The TATRA FORCE chassis, known for its outstanding off-road capability, is combined with a Rosenbauer power train with VOLVO engine and high-end industrial extinguishing technology from Rosenbauer to create an exceptional vehicle concept. The TIGON gives emergency crews new ways to fight fires. All components and their combinations have been optimized to the limit of what is possible in favor of performance.

A strong name for a strong vehicle

The special design of this emergency vehicle is even reflected in its name. The animal species TIGON comes from the combination of two powerful and agile cats, the tiger and the lioness. And it’s their characteristics exactly – fast, powerful and one-of-a-kind – that make the TIGON stand out, even on the harshest terrain.

Top quality power train and firefighting technology

The 700 hp Volvo engine ensures optimum driving power – the TIGON cruises to the scene at speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour. Once arrived, it can start extinguishing activities with pump & roll operations. The built-in N80 pump processes 8,000 liters per minute. The output occurs via two turrets, namely one front and one roof turret. The FIXMIX 2.0 E premix system, which grants the choice between three proportioning rates as standard, ensures foam proportioning in pump & roll operation. The ChemCore nozzle, which is installed in the Rosenbauer RM80C roof turret, ensures the highest throw ranges in combined use and, therefore, optimized spreading ranges of the dry powder. The turrets are controlled by means of ergonomic control handles and joysticks directly from the cab or via a radio remote control.

The Rosenbauer HYDROMATIC 800 industrial pressure mixing system is available for further extinguishing measures. This hydraulically driven system enables the desired amount of foam to be mixed continuously with maximum precision – proportioning ratios between 1 and 7% – and individually for each discharge outlet. High pressure extinguishing attacks are possible even during smaller operations using the Rosenbauer H5 pump in combination with a rapid intervention system.

A reason to be excited

Further versions of the TIGON in planning will top even this newly achieved level in design and technology: better performance and a multitude of exciting features.


Technical details

TIGON industrial firefighting vehicle