The Concept Fire Truck (CFT), which was presented on the occasion of Rosenbauer’s 150th anniversary in September 2016, is increasingly attracting the interest of fire departments and the public alike. It triggers astonishment, curiosity in some, and always enthusiasm.

The development of the concept study for the fire truck of the future took several years and was a tricky task for us, as the concept aimed to provide answers to the essential questions of the future – the firefighting megatrends.


“Is it an electric vehicle?” That’s usually the first question we’re asked.

“Yes, the CFT runs entirely on electric power.” – Amazement.

This is almost always followed by “But does the battery have sufficient capacity for continuous use of the pump?”

“For this, we have a range extender on board, which facilitates continuous operation of the pump.” – Relief!


With the Concept Fire Truck (CFT) we wanted to develop the perfect working tool for the future requirements of fire departments, offering more safety, higher functionality, and optimal ergonomic conditions. Further features are intuitive operation, compact dimensions, and extreme agility.

All these enormous improvements could only be achieved through the consistent electrification of the power train. This freed us from conventional commercial vehicle concepts and allowed the development of an absolutely new and uncompromising vehicle architecture. Only by decoupling the wheel drive from the power source – the engine – did we free ourselves up in regard to the design of the vehicle.

The result:

  • A large, spacious cabin for the entire crew as an integral part of the vehicle allows for better communication and increased safety for the entire team,
  • low entry heights and step-free accessibility to equipment compartments allows for fatigue-free working,
  • the smaller turning circle (less than 12 m) ensures optimal handling in narrow streets,
  • and, last but not least, the driving performance and driving dynamics setting new standards!

Rosenbauer Concept Fire Truck with electric driveIn addition, the Concept Fire Truck (CFT) offers many other special features, such as intuitive operating concepts, which will turn the heads of many interested visitors at IONICA from June 22 to 24, 2018 – the Austria-wide unique exhibition of land, air, and water e-mobility solutions.

Do you want to experience the CFT for yourself and be impressed by its functionalities? Then visit Rosenbauer on the CFT Austria Tour 2018! Details on the dates can be found here.

I am already looking forward to an intensive and exciting dialog with you about the possibilities offered by the electric drive and the innovative vehicle architecture of the CFT – either in person or digitally!