The new PANTHER was presented to the public in the USA for the first time on unfamiliar terrain. It was months and years of hard effort – the result made up for it many times over. It’s always great to see the reactions and the beaming smiles of firefighting men and women when they get into the new PANTHER for the first time.

It has now been over a year since the new PANTHER was presented with a big fanfare at Interschutz 2015 in Hanover and has generated a lot of interest from customer and fans. Now it’s made its official trip across the Pond.

Of course this is not a surprise, since this plan has been in the making since the start of the project. We wanted to create “One Truck” here – an aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle that was developed and produced for worldwide use. It may sound easy to follow the guidelines of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation), which, among other things, also controls the requirements of airport firefighting and thus describes the equipment for airport fire departments all over the world, but there are still some more country-specific provisions. In the USA, also the specifications of the NFPA and FAA are important, which means that a PANTHER operating in the USA may look a bit different in some details than one in Singapore.

Nevertheless, we’ve managed to develop this “One Truck”. One vehicle which is the same in its main details and considers the requirements of the standards but also those of the user in the best possible way. And perhaps we’ve even managed to contribute to an exchange between the users – the airport fire departments of this world.

At the world’s largest conference of airport fire departments – the ARFF Working Group conference which takes place annually – the PANTHER was also presented to American firefighters for the first time. A little bit unusual – in a giant conference room on carpeted floors. Somehow typically American, but worthy of the new PANTHER, I find. 😉 And these experts were impressed. Above all with the simple and intuitive operation, the roomy cab and the good view outwards, and last but not least also the extravagant design also appealed to the visitors in Frisco (Texas, USA). One firefighter said that if he had put all his wishes for an aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle into a box, this is exactly what would have come out. Statements that made a whole team proud. A team of technicians, sales people, managers right up to the board who were also present as the new PANTHER was “let out of its cage” in the USA.

Rosenbauer PANTHER USA  Rosenbauer PANTHER USA Rosenbauer PANTHER USA

In the course of the next year, the new PANTHER will then also be sold in the USA and produced at the two Rosenbauer Group locations – in Leonding (Austria) and in Wyoming (Minnesota, USA). Exactly what we meant: One Truck – One Rosenbauer.