Have you ever wondered how a company which relies on technical innovations comes to play a leading role in their respective business area? Does it depend on the continuous improvement and further development of the products and services? Sure. Is it about taking trends into account and anticipating external developments? Most certainly. Does it take well trained, committed, and creative employees who contribute to the success of the company through their enthusiasm, their ideas, and their strength of implementation? Without question.

But alongside all of these aspects, something else has proven itself valuable at our company: working together with public educational institutes in the scope of reserach projects! At Rosenbauer, this primarily pertains to technically oriented universities and universities of applied sciences. Through the design and implementation of joint research projects together with expert specialist institutes and courses, employees are frequently given access to the laboratory facilities and test environments available there. They benefit from the research experience available and from exchanges with the experts, thus bringing new knowledge into the company and significantly contributing to driving internal developments forward.

New perspectives and avenues are opened up for members of the company, especially through the collaboration with students in the company. Thanks to their impartiality, students trigger alternative ways of thinking and approaches. In return they can gain experience in dealing with practical problems and try out their theoretical knowledge on specific tasks – which often pays dividends in the later job search. 🙂 All things considered, this shared togetherness is an added value to both sides. And it causes change… because through the mutual feedback between students, companies, and technical universities, science and practice can better address the requirements of the respective other parties – a perfect interaction!

Have you heard about the dual master’s program “Automotive Mechatronics and Management”, which Rosenbauer co-founded along with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Wels campus, and various other partner companies? What do you think of this or equivalent training options?