The ET is a municipal fire fighting and rescue vehicle weighing up to 20 tons, which is particularly efficient – hence the name “Efficient Technology”.

Due to its modular design, the ET is scalable and can thus be adapted very easily to the individual needs of the customer – regardless of whether they are in Spain, Germany, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, or Chile.

The body is mounted on chassis without or only with original chassis twin cabs, at the expense of comfort but with better cost efficiency. The use of recyclable materials, such as polypropylene (PP) for the water tank is another area in which the ET scores highly in terms of efficiency.

Don’t want CAN-Bus technology? Spot on with the ET!

As the design and comfort have been reduced to a minimum and thanks to the option of using only simple technologies, such as hardwired electrical systems, the ET can be described as the “Spartan” among Rosenbauer’s municipal fire fighting and rescue vehicles. This makes the ET especially interesting as an export vehicle for emerging markets. The ET is also valued for the resulting simple and efficient after-sales service – often by yourself with a hammer and screwdriver.

Local content required? No problem – the ET can do this too.

The ET is also designed for assembly as an SKD/CKD kit. Prefabricated components or even loose parts are assembled and finished on site by a Rosenbauer subsidiary or a local partner. This kind of customer focus is unique and makes the ET the “best buddy” among Rosenbauer’s municipal fire fighting and rescue vehicles for many customers.

Technical data

Technical details of the ET Tank firefighting vehicle