… no, the ET is not a vehicle from another galaxy, but it does shine bright on the horizon of the Rosenbauer Group.

Slovenian fire departments also put their trust in the Rosenbauer ET. They have already put a number of vehicles of this type into service, and have thus opted for a vehicle concept that combines first-class firefighting technology with a highly flexible and efficient design. Hence the name: ET stands for “Efficient Technology”.

Vehicles of the ET series have many configuration options and offer a payload that is precisely tailored to the individual requirements of any given fire department. Utmost attention was paid to providing an economical overall package, which makes the ET particularly attractive to voluntary fire departments.

Thanks to its modular design, the concept is not only ideally suited for solutions with the Rosenbauer “Stand Alone” cab, but – more importantly – for solutions with original double cabs from the chassis manufacturer.

With the ET’s SKD / CKD (semi knocked down / completely knocked down) construction method, Rosenbauer can accommodate the customer even better. The requirements of the international markets are thereby met by a strong local presence, which further strengthens the happiness with the product and the confidence in Rosenbauer.


Technical data

ET rescue fire fighting vehicle