CFT at Fagernes LufthavnThe Concept Fire Truck (CFT) went on tour again in February. This time it traveled in Scandinavia and stopped in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

We also had the opportunity to make a tour stop at the remote airport of Fagernes in Norway.


General conditions

Outdoor temperature -16 °C (3.2 °F), light snowfall, and a snow or ice track on the secured 2 km (1.2 mile) runway.

Our aim was to test the behavior of the concept vehicle as a complete vehicle and the individual components (e.g., high-voltage battery) during operations at lower temperatures.

In addition, it was a unique opportunity to test the vehicle close to its limits. The improved driving dynamics of the CFT, in particular, the low center of gravity and the optimum axle load distribution, contribute significantly to still being able to control the vehicle, even at the limit.

Acceleration, braking, slalom, and avoidance maneuvers were the order of the day, as well as free driving to achieve a subjective driving experience.

Wintertest mit dem CFT CFT-Fahrtest auf Schneefahrbahn Der CFT im Winter unterwegs



The vehicle concept and also the electric all-wheel drive were able to demonstrate their advantages even at cold temperatures and the participants were very inspired.

Selected customers were also invited to this event, who had the opportunity to control the CFT themselves to attain their own personal impressions and give us feedback on the vehicle concept. They also came to the conclusion that the CFT is very easy to operate and that the handling at the limits is extremely forgiving.

Anyway, enough said. The following video shows more impressions from the testing the CFT in winter on snow and ice.


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