The Rosenbauer ET (Efficient Technology) concept was specially developed, among other reasons, to facilitate the construction of Rosenbauer firefighting vehicle superstructures in the proven aluminum sheet and sandwich construction with all their advantages on a wide variety of chassis types with original double cabins with relative ease. This is demonstrated by the fact that the ET concept offers precisely the flexibility in terms of the choice of chassis that is required by the Emergency Management Service in Georgia, resulting in the delivery of this fire truck (TLF 1800) of the Rosenbauer ET series built on a Ford F550.

In order to allow the transport of 1,800 l of water and 50 l of foam compound and a crew of up to 5 people to more remote locations in partially mountainous Georgia, the customer decided on a Ford F550 4×4 CrewCab equipped with a 330 hp 6.7-liter V8 diesel engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission, to be used as a carrier vehicle. In order to meet the increased requirements for a fire truck, the powerful chassis was equipped with modified axles, which enabled a higher maximum permissible total weight of the vehicle.

The extinguishing technology of the ET is also impressive: A powerful NH35 normal-/high-pressure pump including a state-of-the-art FIXMIX 2.0E foam proportioning system is driven by a Rosenbauer SplitShaft transmission that has been developed in-house. It supplies the RM35 roof turret with up to 3,000 l of water per minute. The roof turret is operated directly from the driver’s cab by means of a joystick and, in addition to controlling the turret, this allows the amount of water to be dispensed to be adjusted at the push of a button. The precise, electronically controlled FIXMIX 2.0E foam proportioning system ensures optimal proportioning for every application, even when using different types of foam.

The lower compartments of the ET superstructure offer sufficient space for equipment and rescue devices. In order to facilitate optimal illumination for emergency services, the ET has a total of four LED spotlights installed in the roof gallery, as well as a pneumatic light mast, which is also equipped with eight LED lamps. All in all, the possible uses of this vehicle with an ET superstructure are as flexible and diverse as the ET body concept itself.


Technical data

ET rescue fire fighting vehicle (TLF 1800)