A heavy-duty US rescue pumper with an extensive range of special equipment for urban search and rescue operations.

The vehicle fleet of the Sioux Falls fire department in South Dakota consists almost exclusively of Rosenbauer trucks and since last year also includes a Rescue 5, which is ideally suited to special operations and urban search and rescue (USAR) responses. The latter involve extremely difficult technical rescues in what are generally severely damaged urban buildings.

Rescue 5 combines everything, which previously required three different vehicles: Firstly, it is a pumper and is fitted with an integrated, seawater-resistant gunmetal pump that emits up to 5,680 l/min at 10 bar (NFPA 1901 150-1500). The extinguishing agent tanks contain 1,900 l of water and 2 x 75 l of foam (Classes A and B), and a FoamPro system provides foam proportioning. Hoses are not only carried in the storage compartment, but also in the front fender.

Secondly, the “5” is a heavy-duty rescue with five spacious compartments on both sides, which contain equipment for every type of technical operation. This includes pneumatic lifting bags as well as electrically extrication tools and pressure hydraulic extrication tools. In addition, the rear of the truck carries shoring and stabilization equipment for structure collapse response. An inflatable boat is contained in one of the chests on the walk-on roof, which can be reached via two rear-mounted ladders and the vehicle also has an integrated crane for lifting the boat off the roof.

Rescue 5 therefore constitutes a so-called first-out engine, which is involved in virtually every alarm response (fire, technical rescue, etc.) and also has the ideal equipment on board to deal with even the most problematic USAR assignments.


Technical data

Heavy rescue pumper USAR for City of Sioux Falls Fire-Rescue