Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict what will happen the following day. However, studies and research can forecast how the world could change in the future and how living conditions could be designed.

Our very own in-house think tank uses scientific principles and expert knowledge as well as the instruments of modern trend analysis and future studies. This addresses the question of which changes, trends, and megatrends shape the present and what conclusions can be drawn from them for the future.

For example, twelve megatrends were tackled by the Future Institute. According to research they have been entrenched in society for some time, will radically change it, but have not yet fully breached to the surface. At Rosenbauer, these megatrends were used as the basis. They were compiled in the third version of our own Firefighting Trendmap by applying technological research, trend screenings, expert forums as well as study data.

The Firefighting Trendmap allows thoughts on future events as well as technical and social changes that will impact fire departments and their organization and technology, to be represented.
The following topics are dealt with in the Firefighting Trendmap:

These thirteen trend characteristics will be presented in detail in the upcoming blog entries in order to take a look at their meaning and their origin. Furthermore, their forecasting impact on society, fire departments, and their environment will be outlined.