I joined Rosenbauer as Head of Global Marketing in January 2022 and was immediately tasked with two amazing projects. “Hey Matteo, the biggest trade fair in the industry is in June,” and “Hey Matteo, the company has just created the strategy up to 2030, you and your team should implement the necessary communication measures.” At first I was worried, but then immediately somewhat relieved, because there is no better stage than Interschutz to convey the basis and messages of the company’s strategy. And “convey” is exactly the right term in this case – we don’t want to simply “report” on our strategy to the approx. 100,000 members of the firefighting community as if we were presenting a doctoral thesis, but we want to let them experience the content of the strategy.

And this is how Rosenbauer City came into being in Hall 27 in Hanover. A place where the challenges of the future are already being tackled. A place where sustainability is put into practice and innovations are at home. A place that shows that we take responsibility for the industry.

With over 4,000 m2 of space and around 400 exhibits, visitors experience our expertise as a system provider and are captivated by our highlights. The most impressive exhibit: our Urban Electric Fire Station, where we exclusively demonstrate electric-powered vehicles that clearly show the direction in which the industry is heading. And no, the vehicles are not marketing concepts – they can be ordered either today or in the foreseeable future. The most visionary exhibit: our City Dome, where the innovation team can engage with customers through three-dimensional representations of megatrends, such as alternative drives, climate change, connectivity, and robotics to enable an exchange of views and talk about future cooperation. And the most entertaining exhibit: a stage where our experts present Rosenbauer’s vision on industry-changing topics and inspire the audience.

And yes, like Rome, Rosenbauer City was not built in a day either. Behind this lies the diligence and passion of countless employees and practically every department in the company. There were also a few stumbling blocks. But be it the creativity of our graphic designers and our social media team, the consistency of our trade fair organization team, the sweat (not only figuratively speaking at 30 degrees on the asphalt) of our sales team, or simply keeping our word and not turning our back on Deutsche Messe: agile processes, clear division of labor, and a lot of transparency and trust are crucial in project planning and implementation.

We gave everything for that moment and that all led to a sensational result. We are already looking forward to the next Interschutz.