Under the motto “Changing the Industry”, the Rosenbauer 2023 calendar presents, among other things, the Electric Line-Up presented at Interschutz 2022, consisting of RTX, RT, AT electric, PANTHER electric and L32A-XS electric. In addition to the electrified vehicles, the calendar includes an excerpt from various vehicle series such as a PANTHER 6×6, CT Profile, MT Municipal, MT Forest, E5000, Commander as well as an L20 First Attack. The focus this year is on vehicles with alternative drive concepts, which we see as the technology of the future in the firefighting industry. As a market leader in fire and disaster protection, we take responsibility towards society and our customers by providing comprehensive e-mobility solutions. The central theme of the calendar, “Electric Mobility,” shows the result of years of development work at Rosenbauer, which has now become reality in the form of various vehicles in the Electric Line-Up.

Each vehicle has been placed in a corresponding scenario such as the associated skyline of Los Angeles or Macau, a forest scenario in the case of the MT Forest, or a seascape in the case of the Commander for the Peru Fire Department. The design framework around the vehicles is formed by light columns in various forms, which set the scene for the vehicles. The columns contain terms or features typical of the vehicle depicted. The electrified vehicles shine in turquoise and the conventionally powered vehicles in red. The special charm of the individual calendar pages is created by the various lighting effects and reflections on the ground, which lend the images a mystical flair.

For the first time in 2023, it will be possible to download all the calendar pages as wallpaper to marvel at one of the distinctive scenarios each month.

More information on the subject of e-mobility at Rosenbauer can be found at innovation.rosenbauer.com and on the Rosenbauer Blog.

Calendar vehicle March 2023: PANTHER Hong Kong

Vehicle designation PANTHER 6×6
Type ARFF vehicle
Customer Hong Kong Airport
Country Hong Kong
Chassis type 39,750
Engine output 552 kW or 750 hp
Crew 1+3
Water/foam tank 12,000 l/1,450 l
Pump system N80
Extinguishing capacity 9,000 l/min
Water turret 9,000 l/min
Vehicle dimensions (LxWxH) 11,900 x 3,000 x 3,800 mm
Gross vehicle weight 39,000 kg

Download wallpaper PANTHER Hong Kong

PANTHER Hong Kong - Rosenbauer Calendar March 2023

Calendar vehicle February 2023: MT Civil Defence Sharjah

Vehicle designation TLF 16000
Type Tank firefighting vehicle
Series MT
Customer Civil Defence Sharjah
Country UAE
Chassis type MAN TGS3 33.480/6×4/BB
Engine MAN D2676 LF09 Euro 5
Engine output 353 kW or 480 hp
Crew 1+2
Water/foam tank 16,000 l / 0 l
Pump system Rosenbauer NH35
Extinguishing capacity 3,500 l/min at 10 bar
400 l/min at 40 bar
Water turret Rosenbauer RM35
Vehicle dimensions (LxWxH) 9,800 x 2,550 x 3,800 mm
Gross vehicle weight 33,000 kg

Download wallpaper MT Civil Defence Sharjah

MT Civil Defence Sharjah - Rosenbauer Calendar February 2023

Calendar vehicle January 2023: RTX Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD)

Vehicle designation “eLHF“
Type (electric fire fighting and rescue vehicle)
Series RT
Customer Los Angeles City Fire Department
Country USA
Chassis type Rosenbauer RTX 4×4 Advanced
Engine Volvo Penta
Engine output 360 kW or 490 hp (peak)
Crew 1+5
Water/foam tank 1,900 l / 100 l
Pump system Rosenbauer NH55
Extinguishing capacity 6,500 l/min at 10 bar
Foam proportioning system RFC Admix Variomatic
Vehicle dimensions (LxWxH) 8,600 x 2,350 x 3,250 mm
Gross vehicle weight 18,000 kg / 39,680 lbs

Download wallpaper RTX Los Angeles

RTX Los Angeles Fire Department - Rosenbauer Calendar January 2023