For the first time, this new digital media affords us the opportunity to keep you informed in “real time.”

We would like you to receive more information about our products and developments directly from the source of our experts, product managers, developers and sales specialists. In doing so, we think it is important to present you with an up-close and unfiltered experience with our products and services.

The blog will also feature stories about Rosenbauer. This includes our own experiences, like trips to events, trade shows and conferences as well as day-to-day life at Rosenbauer and the catalysts that motivate and inspire us to proactively shape the future of fire fighting and preventative fire protection.

Over time, this means a broad and open spectrum of information, a digital library so to speak, that you can access at any time, based on your current interests.

We are already eagerly awaiting your feedback and comments, which we will be happy to incorporate as input for future improvements and developments.

In this sense, we look forward to the exciting digital exchange to come!

Michael Friedmann

Head of Global Marketing