Rosenbauer has proudly served the North America Market with a full apparatus lineup for over 50 years. Under the name Rosenbauer America (RBA), we offer the most technologically advanced portfolio, from Aerials to our RTX electric firetrucks. The North America market is extremely diverse in practices and community needs, which makes Rosenbauer the preferred manufacture among fire departments for our custom apparatus. In our December blog we focus on three key products that highlight Rosenbauer America’s technological leadership and specialties.

All three trucks lead with a Rosenbauer Custom Chassis, the Commander Heavy Rescue, Avenger Rescue Pumper, and Commander King Cobra Articulating Platform Aerial. Rosenbauer offers four custom chassis options so the department may personalize each truck for their community. We have four distinctive styles and levels of customization: Commander, Avenger, Warrior, General. The Commander, which our highlight vehicle from the December calendar picture and Avenger are the most popular.

Rosenbauer Heavy Rescue packs it all and is the most ergonomically engineered rescue in the industry. It is known for its fast and easy equipment access. RBA has become the sought-out expert on compartment engineering and tool upfit.

The Rosenbauer Rescue Pumper is the most popular product manufactured out of the Wyoming, MN & Lyons, SD campuses. RBA offers a top mount, mid mount, and the industries only rear mount pumper. More customers than ever have a Rosenbauer pumper as their first-on-scene engine.

RBA’s fastest growing product line is aerials, with the King Cobra Articulating Platform leading the pack. Departments who demo our solution are impressed by our suite of technologies such as SMART aerial controls, articulating platform, wireless radio remote controls and more. Rosenbauer aerial rescue vehicles have clear unique selling points on the market here.

To learn more about Rosenbauer America, visit, Facebook, and TikTok.

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Technical details of Commander Heavy Rescue