Artificial lighting is a must especially for rescue operations at night or without daylight. This affects essentially all rescue organizations (fire departments, technical relief organizations, police, rescue, mountain rescue, etc.) which render assistance under such conditions. As long as the scene can be accessed by road, this is usually not a problem. In this case, scene lights, light masts, and heavy power generators can quickly be brought into position. But what if no roads lead to the accident site?
In practice, it quickly becomes obvious that an enormous effort is necessary to set up the infrastructure when the vehicle is at a distance of more than 100 m from the scene. The power generator has to be taken out of the vehicle, tripod, floodlights, and cables have to be transported and installed. All of which costs a lot of time and personnel, which are often not available particularly in the first phase of deployment.

In these situations, the RLS2000 is the perfect assistant through the self-sufficient lighting of operating sites which are difficult to access or when the power supply has to be switched off due to flooding, for example, or when supplying power is an issue due to operations in mountains or avalanche situations. But the RLS2000 is much more than a floodlight and offers the following additional benefits:


P_RLS 2000_0189

Compact design:
The device can easily be stored in the vehicle, takes up little space and can already be used as a hand lamp to light the way to the scene when still packed up.

Integrated tripod: composing_beleuchtungssystem
Once you arrive at the operation site, it can be configured into a tripod as tall as 1.8 m in just a few simple steps. Alternatively, the lighting head can be mounted on a DIN tripod via an adapter.

The integrated diffuser can be moved in front of the high performance LEDs at any time to
generate pleasant diffuse light, which ideally serves for near-field scene lighting. RLS2000_flood lightRLS2000_spot light
Without the diffuser you have a wide cone of light with a corresponding reach to illuminate objects that are far away.

Lighting head can be rotated in all directions (360°):
The new lighting head enables full flexibility at the scene of the emergency due to three panels P_RLS 2000_0246P_RLS 2000_0247
which move independently of one another. 360 degree scene lighting or individual illumination can be created.

Signal flashing light in various colors:
The RLS2000 can be switched from working light to a signal light at the press of a button. The flashing light in five RLS1000_Farben_1different colors can be used to secure the operational site or to label various operational objects, e.g.: the site of the operational leader.


Naturally, the device can also be operated via the mains. An additional power supply allows simultaneous charging and lighting. This means the lighting system can be operated without any time limits.

This makes the RLS2000 a really powerful, compact, and multi-functional lighting system for emergency crews all around the world! After all, the RLS2000 runs for a whole three hours at full power completely self-sufficiently! What do you think: would the RLS2000 be a useful lighting system for your organization?