There are often vehicles in a fire department’s fleet that are highly specialized and unique. Firefighters have fond memories of these vehicles and cherish the missions on which the devices provided critical assistance.

The volunteer fire department in Windischgarsten, Upper Austria, has one such unique small firefighting vehicle in service. It is built on a very special chassis – a Pinzgauer – from Austria.


New or old vehicle

Since a replacement for the Pinzgauer was scheduled, the fire department members thought about the tasks that needed to be fulfilled by this vehicle. Ultimately, they decided that repairs and modernization would be sensible in order to extend the life of their Pinzgauer.

Two and a half years ago, we were contacted by the Windischgarsten volunteer fire department through Rosenbauer-Service and invited to an inspection meeting, which we were of course very glad to attend.

The fire department wanted to completely refurbish their Pinzgauer. Any corrosion had to be removed from the body and chassis, and lighting equipment had to be renovated or enhanced in order to improve the safety of the emergency services and to facilitate the tasks at the scene of an emergency. The signal system needed to be brought up to date and the necessary equipment renewed and installed, so that the intended operational tasks could still be managed by the fire truck.


The firefighting vehicle of the Windischgarsten volunteer fire department before refurbishment:

The vehicle after refurbishment:


The perfect partner

After discussions and brainstorming with the fire department, the offer was finalized. In spring 2021, the time had come: after the chassis had been overhauled by a specialist company, the vehicle arrived at Rosenbauer and got down to work. New shutters, roof boxes, equipment compartment devices, LED lighting both in and around the vehicle, new cabling and supply facilities; all of this was implemented according to the wishes of the customer and fully utilizing our vast experience.

Eventually, we were able to hand over a great vehicle to the Windischgarsten fire department, which will once again meet the operational requirements for years to come. We thoroughly enjoyed contributing our experience and skills to the realization of a one-of-a-kind firefighting vehicle.