Running up a ski jump might sound a bit crazy, but it’s an exciting challenge to look back on. Humanity always tries to strive for more – and we also look for ways to push individuals’ personal limits.
A great opportunity to do so happened in August – the Red Bull 400 series World Championship in Bischofshofen, Austria, on the Paul-Außerleitner-Schanze. As the biggest ski jump in the Four Hills Tournament, it concludes the tournament here every year on 6 January.

Approaching their limits

A team of 4 athletes has to each master 100 meters of the ski jump in an uphill direction, on inclines of up to 79 percent – sometimes running, sometimes climbing. Not only recognized athletes, but also die-hard fire brigade members faced this challenge in the pouring rain. Physical fitness and knowledge of one’s personal limits are vital for everyone in the fire service, and even essential to survival.

Team spirit at the top

A special component of the fire brigade competition is the atmosphere, where not only does each of the four athletes want to push themselves to their personal limits, but also, and more importantly, to act as a comrade within the team to achieve the best result for all. This group motivation leads to extraordinarily high performance.

The race is on

Encouraged by the horn of FF Bischofshofen’s refurbished Unimog fire truck, the siren of a Rosenbauer PANTHER, as well as an alarm siren, a truly special fire brigade flair comes into play. The first stage handovers are done quickly, but the difficult sections are still to come. Everyone is focused on their performance, wanting to push their limits. Finally arriving at the take-off table, it is time to complete the final test – the in-run – where the last reserves of strength are gathered to push the team up the rankings just a little bit more.

Happy firefighting comrades, and a medal to show for it

Daniel Hofstätter @ Red Bull 400I would like to sincerely congratulate the winners on their unbelievable achievements, which are nothing short of those of recognized athletes!
With the mastering of this challenge and a medal around the neck, a feeling of ultimate satisfaction sets in.

A number of our Rosenbauer colleagues participated and did very well – as did the entire executive team, which exhibited a great performance. I myself was thrilled, and can only recommend the challenge. In any event, I’ll certainly be back in Bischofshofen in 2019!