The firefighting helmet is one of the most important components of the personal protection equipment (PPE). It also protects our head. To ensure the suitability of our helmet for exercises and operations, a check is necessary. This check should be carried out after every operation, especially after operations in which the helmet was exposed to extraordinary loads (e.g., severe impact, strains, falls, and other external forces, direct exposure to flames, high and prolonged exposure to heat, exposure to chemicals, contact with molten metals, etc.).

Naturally damaged helmets or damaged helmet parts may no longer be used. Defective parts must be replaced immediately with original parts. Rosenbauer offers an extensive service for this:


Detailed spare parts list for HEROS helmets

Our catalog already offers a good range of spare parts for HEROS helmets. Your Rosenbauer location or Rosenbauer partner can provide you with details about the spare parts list. There you will not only find the individual parts as spare parts, various components can also be retrofitted at any time, for example, the mask adapter. The spare and wear parts are practically arranged and are available within a short period of time. Our ultimate aim is to give you the best and most customer-friendly offering possible!

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Repair manual

The HEROS helmet system convinces with its sophisticated construction and simple handling during adjustment and repair. Ideally, the repair should be carried out by one of our service partners, who usually also keep the most common spare parts in stock. If you want to save yourself the trouble, however, you can also perform most repairs yourself. We have summarized the most important repairs for you in a step-by-step guide for HEROS helmets. Watch the videos now:

In terms of safety there may not be any compromises and a properly maintained firefighting helmet is the prerequisite for its suitability for use. Apart from that, regular maintenance clearly contributes to comfort so that you can enjoy your helmet for as long as possible. A new headband covering, for example, often works wonders. ūüėČ