Dubai International Airport is the most important airport in the Middle East, and with 89.1 million passengers it is the third largest airport worldwide. The growing number of flights year after year poses a number of challenges for the completely surrounded airport.

This is the reason why a new airport is currently being built in the middle of the Dubai desert – the Dubai World Central. Due to its location and the planned capacity of 160 million passengers per year, this new airport also poses new challenges for the airport fire department.

Dubai Airport has always relied on 8×8 vehicles with double engines for its fleet of vehicles due to the large extinguishing agent volumes and outstanding acceleration. However, in order to be prepared for the tasks ahead, the specifications for the future vehicles were changed considerably compared to the existing fleet.

In 2018, Rosenbauer succeeded in concluding a five-year contract with Dubai Airport: on the one hand for more than 30 new vehicles, including 22 PANTHER 8×8, and on the other hand, a five-year Rosenbauer service contract for the entire Dubai Airport fleet.

The new PANTHER 8×8 for Dubai Airport is equipped with a 15,500/1,800 liter water foam compound tank and 250 kg powder. The N110 water pump supplies both RM35C and RM80C turrets with a total of 10,000 l/min. The RM35C bumper turret is also equipped with the “HVLA” lowerable boom, which can also be used to fight turbine fires from below, for example.

Another special feature is the 24R21 wide tires, with an integrated “Tire Inflation System”. This allows the driver to reduce or increase the tire pressure as required, off-road and especially in sand. To still remain maneuverable in the narrow airport terminal, an additional steerable rear axle is installed.

The first six PANTHER 8×8 (2x with HVLA and 4x with HRET) were successfully delivered to Dubai Airport in 2019.


Technical data

Aircraft rescue fire fighting vehicle PANTHER 8x8