Once again this year, Rosenbauer is giving students from various educational institutions the opportunity to undertake an internship. Over the past few months, about ten interns have had the chance to get to know Rosenbauer as an employer and gain practical experience – albeit in a somewhat different manner than in previous years.

Simon Reiter, a mechanical engineering student at Graz University of Technology, is glad that he can “complete his internship at Rosenbauer despite the circumstances, and take many new things away from it”. He appreciates the wide range of tasks and the independence and responsibility, but also the friendly working environment.

The atmosphere right across the departments is a pleasant one. “Nothing is trivialized, nor is it exaggerated”, says Sebastian Kaiser-Mühlecker, in reference to Rosenbauer’s handling of Covid-19. He is studying Innovation and Product Management in the Master’s programme at the University of Applied Sciences in Wels, and worked on topics of the future (in the fire service) in the Innovation, Technology and Research (ITR) department.

“Colleagues take turns working from their home office so that the office is not 100% occupied and the whole department does not get brought down in the event of an infection outbreak,” says Jürgen Pöllinger, a mechanical engineering student at Vienna University of Technology. He has already completed several internships in the company, and is always very happy to help in the area of product development in the summer. He particularly likes the working atmosphere within the company and the exciting, varied work.

Despite these difficult times, the teaching role a company has in connection with internships is a high priority for Rosenbauer, and is therefore taken incredibly seriously. An internship has great advantages for both sides. Young, motivated students bring with them new networked knowledge, while Rosenbauer gives them insights into the real working world.

Internships at Rosenbauer in times of CoronaSelina Schauer, a student of automotive engineering at the Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Graz, is convinced that “all necessary arrangements have been implemented as best as possible to make the internship possible.” Selina is also a keen returning trainee, and considers Rosenbauer the ideal employer. Gaining extensive insights into a possible future working life at Rosenbauer is an aim that many interns share.

“I find the contact with us interns in the department particularly positive. The work we do is noticed and appreciated accordingly. You quickly feel like part of the team,” says Tobias Mitter, a student at Graz University of Technology. Nevertheless, he believes that without the Covid-19 situation – and without the rise of the “home office” – he might have had an even better connection with his colleagues.

Vera Pamminger, a student of technical physics at JKU, likes the fact that “even as an intern, you are considered capable of working independently on interesting projects.” After the company where she had initially planned to do her internship had to cancel it due to Covid-19, she was able to secure a place in the Innovation, Technology and Research department at Rosenbauer. With her passion for the natural sciences, she now helps the team of Ing. Alexander Ronacher to develop innovative techniques and ideas. Valentin Benke, whose service with the armed forces was extended due to Covid-19, meaning he could therefore only start his internship two months later, is also happy to be part of Ing. Ronacher’s team. “What I like best is that so many things are simply tried out and experimented with.”

Daniel Windhager appreciates not only the opportunity to test and evaluate new technologies but also “the variety. As innovation is at the forefront of ITR, new problems keep coming up, sometimes requiring unusual or novel solutions”. He is studying Hardware/Software Design at the Hagenberg Campus of the University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria.

Rosenbauer is always pleased to welcome new interns and to get to know young, interesting people. In some cases, the internship is even the foundation stone for a later permanent position within the company.

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