In emergencies, extinguishing from a safe distance with a good view of the seat of the fire is a must in order to handle the situation quickly. To provide emergency personnel and specialist personnel in critical areas such as helicopter platforms, the recycling industry, petrochemical industry, and others with the best possible support, Rosenbauer has developed a new intuitive remote control device to control our stationary extinguishing turrets.

remote control device - Rosenbauer International AGIn practice, it has been found that in and around refuse bins, recycling centers, heliports, chemical warehouses, etc., due to fast and strong smoke development, the vantage point to a fire’s source often has to be changed, thus having to combat the fire from a significant distance. To facilitate this, our new remote control device is a combination device. When the operational location has to be changed, the remote control can be removed from the cable in a single step. In addition to the intuitive operation, emphasis has been placed upon a robust and compact design with a high-performance radio connection. With a single remote control, up to six turrets can be controlled by one person. Thanks to its low weight and ergonomic design, specialist personnel can carry the remote control into critical areas – e.g., a crane operator into a waste bunker – and can intervene quickly in the event of an emergency.

In order to be able to meet the high requirements of the petrochemical industry, for example, the new remote control device is also available as an ATEX variant.

The remote control device is delivered as standard in a two-part control cabinet. Beside the control and reception technology, the remote control device itself is housed in the second part. The remote control is standardly connected to a detachable 10 m cable, which continuously charges the remote control, and via which the turrets can also be controlled. In addition, a battery charger with a second battery is installed in the control cabinet.

LED displays on the remote control provide the operator with visual feedback via the control unit in terms of the turrets, nozzle position, battery status, etc. The remote control is also illuminated for easier reading.


Graphic Operation remote control device - Rosenbauer