The RS 14 is one of the most powerful power generators of its class and is very popular with customers. It was only 2015 when the third generation was presented at the Interschutz trade show in Hannover. However, we are happy to already present the first advancements for this series. The drive of the power generator was changed from a carburetor motor to electronic fuel injection (EFI, for short). The change is hardly detectable visually, yet the advantages are significant:

  • Better fuel economy:
    Through the exact regulation of the injection volume and injection timing, fuel savings of up to 25% are possible compared to the previous carburetor motor. This not only protects the environment, but also extends the operating time and saves fuel costs.
  • Simple emergency operation:
    The carburetor motor version of the RS14 was already impressive with its own emergency operation switch, which made a simple emergency start possible even with a dead battery. But there is always a way to make something good even better! With EFI technology, this emergency operation switch is no longer needed. It is easy for every firefighter to start the RS 14 EFI without any additional manipulation, even without a battery, by simply pulling on the manual starting device.
  • More power:
    Even if the nominal output remains the same, the EFI technology is a clear win in terms of reliability when starting up under heavy load. While the carburetor motor was only able to react to a drop in speed due to its mechanical control, the EFI motor is able to react shortly before this occurs. This is because it communicates the power decrease in the power generator via the electronic control within fractions of a second. The result: the new RS 14 EFI powers up the most difficult of consumers, even those which are too stubborn for devices with carburetor motors.
  • Automatic height compensation:
    Even in operations with varying altitudes, the RS 14 EFI is unfazed. Thanks to the electronic motor control, different oxygen concentrations at higher altitudes are compensated and the performance remains consistent and precise, regardless of whether it is used on the Baltic coast or in the Swiss Alps.
  • Consistent communication:
    Information is not only decisive for the success of an operation, but also for servicing. The electronic motor control facilitates continuous CAD communication with the vehicle. The user can now receive information on demand about telemetry data, the service interval, and any potential malfunctions.

Without a doubt, the new RS 14 EFI provides an array of new advantages and at no additional charge.
What do you think: can the RS 14 with its injection motor make your operation more reliable?

Rosenbauer RS14 power generator Rosenbauer RS14 power generator Rosenbauer RS14 power generator