EconAquaTM with low pressure extinguishing technology up to 16 bar

EconAqua™ water mist extinguishing systems combine the best of two worlds: the advantages of a sprinkler system with the benefits of high pressure water mist technology. The system, which is based on low pressure water mist technology, offers efficient building protection for certain risks in accordance with VdS CEA 4001 and VdS 3188.


Highly efficient and easy to retrofit

The structure and function of EconAqua™ systems correspond to those of a classic sprinkler system. However, up to 85 % of water can be saved compared to sprinkler systems. Until now, this has only been possible with high-pressure water mist systems, which usually work with operating pressures of between 100 and 140 bar (1,450 – 2,030 psi).

Quick response fine spray sprinklers are installed in the areas to be protected. In the event of a fire, only the sprinklers that are in the immediate vicinity of the seat of the fire open. The pressure drop in the pipe activates the water supply and the water is finely sprayed via the open EconAqua™ sprinklers.

The system can be designed as a dry or wet system. This means it can also be used in frost-prone or high-temperature areas.


The advantages speak for themselves

In comparison to classic sprinkler systems up to 85 % less water can be used. This significantly reduces water damages after activation. The water supply, power units, and pipe diameters can generally be dimensioned much more compactly, which leads to space and cost savings and simplifies retrofitting. In addition, the protected area of EconAqua™ sprinklers is significantly larger than that of classic sprinkler systems, at up to 16 m2.

Compared to high-pressure fine spray extinguishing systems, EconAqua™ systems offer higher operational safety, as the fine spray sprinklers in the low-pressure range have significantly larger outlet diameters than in the high-pressure range. This virtually excludes the risk of clogging due to contamination. It also reduces maintenance efforts.

Investment costs can also be decreased. EconAquaTM systems do not require expensive power units, which are needed in high-pressure fine spray extinguishing systems to provide the water at high pressure and to compensate for the small outlet diameters. The material requirements for pipes, connectors and special components are also lower and thus more cost-effective because they do not have to be made of stainless steel. There are no special requirements for water quality, which means that fire-fighters can feed the system with water from their truck.


Comparison classic sprinkler system vs. EconAqua™ water mist extinguishing system

Comparison classic sprinkler system  (left) and EconAqua™ water mist extinguishing system (right)


Areas of application

  • Public, office, and administrative buildings
  • Libraries and archives
  • Railway stations
  • Banks
  • IT rooms
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Churches
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Car parks/underground garages
  • Schools and universities
  • Prisons
  • Educational institutions
  • Hostels and apartment buildings


Rosenbauer is a VdS certified installer of EconAqua™ systems. By installing this system, clients can meet regulatory requirements and obtain premium discounts for fire insurance.

(Image source: Viking S.A.)