In 2018, the following six Danish regions joined forces to jointly invite tenders for eight turntable ladders:

  • Østsjællands Beredskab (Roskilde)
  • Midtjysk Brand & Redning (Silkeborg)
  • Østjyllands Brandvæsen (Aarhus Syd and Aarhus City)
  • Beredskab Øst (Gladsaxe and Ballerup)
  • Brand & Redning MidtVest (Herning)
  • Nordsjællands Brandvæsen (Hørsholm)

The tender was published in June 2018, with the contract being awarded to Rosenbauer in August 2018. The eight turntable ladders were finally delivered in mid-2019.

Since the customers placed a high emphasis on safe and comfortable entry into the cabin and a low overall height, they opted for the new Scania Low Entry Chassis. For Rosenbauer, these were the first vehicles to be created on the new chassis.

The basic equipment of the vehicles was already incredibly comprehensive. However, each customer still had the opportunity to choose from a large number of options and adapt their vehicle to the local conditions and operational requirements.

The basic equipment of the L32A-XS 3.0 turntable ladder included, for example, a Rosenbauer RS14 power generator for consumers in the cage and 400 V emergency operation, the Rosenbauer Topeye System for rappelling and securing, the Rosenbauer SafeClimb System for safe climbing of the ladder set, and much more.

The aerial ladder L32A-XS 3.0 shown in the calendar was delivered to the Ballerup fire department and supports a B32 aerial rescue platform delivered in 2006.


Technical data

L32A-XS 3.0 Turntable ladder for Ballerup, Denmark