Many roads lead to Rome, but also to Rosenbauer.
In the case of Markus Furthlehner and Arif Tuna, this road was their summer job in 2018. The two young men – then still technical college students – spent last year’s summer job at Rosenbauer’s technical division.

Markus Furthlehner, application engineer at Rosenbauer International AG

“As part of my stint at Rosenbauer, I learned about the company and the people here, gained valuable work experience, and found out whether this is a good fit. And it worked out,” says a clearly pleased Markus Furtlehner, who has since begun a career as an application engineer at Rosenbauer.

Even as a young boy, Markus was obsessed with technology and loved tinkering with old cars with his father, even restoring a VW Beetle together. It was pretty clear even back then that he would embark on a technological career. But he credits his school teacher with encouraging him to study at Linz Technical College’s Paul-Hahn campus.

But how did he end up at Rosenbauer for the summer job? When he was young, a good acquaintance who happened to be a Rosenbauer employee always gifted Markus our model vehicles. So you could say he was destined to end up at Rosenbauer.

Arif Tuna, application engineer at Rosenbauer International AG

However, it is also possible to arrive at Rosenbauer without any previous knowledge or familiarity, as is the case with Arif Tuna, who is now also working as an application engineer. When it was clear to him that he wanted to experience what it is like to work during his studies, he took a gamble on Rosenbauer: “Without practical experience, you’ll find that entering the job market is incredibly difficult later on! A summer job is the ideal opportunity to get to know a company and the professional world! I’m glad to have had this opportunity at Rosenbauer!”

But according to the two, summer jobs and practica are also of benefit to the companies themselves: they offer a straightforward opportunity to discover new and young talent and to attract them to a company! In addition, over time the young team members often bring a new perspective on internal processes and structures, and sometimes even improve them.

The most important thing for a company though is to take the teaching responsibility that comes with summer jobs or internships seriously! Most holiday employees or interns are well-connected pupils and students – in the digital world, as well as in real life. “If we manage as a company to teach young, motivated people something, to give them a good springboard for the leap into professional life, and impress them with a career-enhancing internship or holiday job, we are sure to be recommended among their circle of friends and acquaintances. There is no better advertisement,” says Recruiter Lisa Freimüller, who is responsible for internship management at Rosenbauer.

Selina Schauer also came into contact with the CFT during her internship.

The words of Selina Schauer, a student of automotive engineering at FH Joanneum in Graz and a return intern at Rosenbauer in 2019, are particularly pleasing to hear, “What I really liked about my internship at Rosenbauer was the direct link between the theory I learned in my studies to the working world, and the enjoyable working atmosphere created between colleagues. My tasks included – among other things – creating simulations of a complete firefighting vehicle with different driving maneuvers, and the creation of a dummy cockpit for an ergonomic and operational workshop. So, considering that you are involved in the development of fire engines that later help firefighters to save lives all around the world, then I can’t think of a better partner company when it comes to creating my bachelor thesis!” Selina is also making plans for her master’s thesis in plenty of time, and also hopes to undertake this in cooperation with Rosenbauer: Who knows, maybe this will result in a permanent position?