Hazardous goods pose significant risks: if a fire occurs, people, and likewise the environment, can be endangered when storing and handling flammable materials. This often results in costly business downtime due to repair and renovation work.

CAFS instead of expansion foam

Traditionally, such warehouses have been protected with expansion foam extinguishing technology. In the event of a fire, the affected section is flooded to a height of several meters with expansion foam to stifle the flames. However, this carries a high risk for people close to the extinguishing operation. In addition, firefighters cannot intervene due to the low visibility, and they are unable to use thermal imaging cameras.

For this reason, Rosenbauer has developed an alternative extinguishing method that works faster, safer, and more sustainably. The fire is fought with compressed air foam instead of expansion foam. This makes it possible to precisely apply the extinguishing agent where it is needed, and at the same time significantly reduce the need for extinguishing agent (extinguishing water and foam compound). A further benefit is the use of an environmentally friendly fluorine-free foam compound.

Optimal extinguishing effect

The active foaming in the CAFS mixing chamber produces high-pressure foam with a unique quality, the extinguishing effect of which stifles the fire at its source:

  • Rapid smothering of the flames through oxygen deprivation
  • Deep penetration into the burning material by reducing the surface tension of the water
  • Increased burn-back safety and sustainable cooling thanks to compact CAFS foam structure
  • Lower application rates for efficient fire fighting and limiting of water damage
  • Consistently stable foam quality
  • Foam sticks to hot surfaces – also vertically

Hot Stuff – Brief Spectacle

In order to demonstrate the extinguishing efficiency of CAFS in hazardous material storage facilities, a large-scale fire test was carried out at the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, in Gothenburg. In this test, a complete dangerous goods warehouse with 8-meter high shelves was recreated and ignited under controlled conditions. Within a short period of time, the CAFS extinguishing systems brought the fire under control. The foam covered the containers, barrels, and shelves at lightning speed and effectively extinguished the fire.


Optimal protection for plastics producer VOSSCHEMIE

VOSSCHEMIE GmbH, based in Uetersen (Germany), stores up to 5,000 different chemicals across more than 1,000 pallet spaces, from which polyester putties and paints for automobiles, boats, aircraft, etc. are produced. The CAFS extinguishing system protects 4 extinguishing areas, each with 4 shelves and a length of 16.5 m.

  • Technical design of the CAFS unit according to DIN EN 13565-2
  • Water consumption 3,000 l/min
  • 60 min. Operating time
  • 180 m³ water and 5.2 m³ foam compound inventory
  • Fluorine-free foam compound verified for protection of polar liquids (3% foam proportioning)
  • System piping for shelving protection according to VdS 4001
  • System technology according to VdS 2108
  • Maximum use of VdS-certified components