Türkiye Petrol Rafinerileri A.S. – or Tüpras for short – is Turkey’s largest industrial company and operates four refineries in the country. At 30 million tons of crude oil per year, the total capacity of the refineries meets about 60% of Turkey’s demand for petroleum products! One location is the Kirikkale refinery near Ankara in central Turkey, which processes over 5.4 million tons of crude oil per year. This is then delivered to the Turkish Mediterranean oil center in Ceyhan and transported to the refinery via a pipeline. Up to 1.3 million tons of crude oil and semi-finished products can be stored on site.

The methods for processing crude oil entail a variety of complex processes and take place in high-tech industrial plants which, due to the often highly flammable products, have to be well-protected in terms of fire dangers. Nevertheless, a combustible raw material always carries an increased risk, and there is a heightened potential for a catastrophe to result from unfavorable circumstances, technical defects or as a result of human error.

For such hazardous situations, tailor-made and powerful industrial fire trucks with large output quantities, maximum throw ranges, and stepless foam proportioning are required, with all of this being designed for hours of continuous operation.


Well-equipped for emergency situations

The industrial fire truck meets the precise requirements that are demanded within a refinery. Mounted on a Mercedes-Benz AROCS 3348 6×4, the vehicle is equipped with a 3,000-liter water tank and a 4,000-liter foam tank. In order to be able to supply the built-in N100 normal pressure pump with an output of 10,000 l/min with sufficient water, the water is fed in via the hydrant network on the industrial complex. The automatic HYDROMATIC direct injection proportioning system ensures continuous foam proportioning with different proportioning ratios for each pressure outlet. In addition, the all-rounder is equipped with a 750 kg dry powder unit, in order to be optimally equipped for use in the vicinity of huge crude oil tanks and refinery systems.

Alongside a powerful RM130C roof turret, an additional RM35C bumper turret fitted to the bumper ensures the required extinguishing agent output is achieved. The two turrets facilitate extinguishing from a safe distance. The powerful roof-mounted RM130C is equipped with a ChemCore nozzle designed especially for this application. This allows the water-foam mixture to be mixed with the extinguishing powder in order to significantly increase the throw range of the powder compared to conventional turrets. However, this technology is not only used on the roof turret, but also for quick attack via the nozzle in the twin-agent hose reel.


This vehicle was built using the CBS (Customized Body System) design. The successor series MT (Modular Technology) was presented in October 2020, which enables individualized vehicle solutions for both industrial and municipal areas of application through the modular assembly of various components.


Technical data

CBS Industrial fire fighting vehicle