Brandweer Antwerpen is one of the largest firefighting departments in Belgium. In addition to protecting the city of Antwerp, it is also responsible for the safety of Europe’s second largest port (total area approx. 152 km²) and the world’s second largest chemical industrial park.

Since Brandweer Antwerpen is already using a number of Rosenbauer vehicles, the decision was made – after putting out a tender – to once again opt for the technological leader in the fire service sector.

The new CBS industrial fire fighting vehicle is built on the new generation Scania P500B 8×4 NZ chassis. Equipped with an N80 normal pressure pump and a HYDROMATIC direct injection foam proportioning system  – in addition to a 500 kg powder system from Total – it is ideally equipped for use in the challenging environment of a chemical park with huge fuel tanks and industrial systems.

Since the availability of water in Antwerp is not a problem, the industrial fire fighting vehicle has been fitted with a 4,000-liter water tank, combined with an 8,000-liter foam tank. The RM60C roof turret guarantees large quantities of water for extinguishing from a safe distance.

Special features include the additional 50 kg powder trolley installed in the vehicle as well as the roof-mounted Storz 150 suction hose storage, including a practical chute at the rear.


Technical data

CBS industrial fire fighting vehicle