The history of the Heilbronn fire department goes back to 1460. A professional fire brigade was established in 1971, which currently comprises 86 members. The Heilbronn fire department is one of eight professional fire brigades in Baden-Wurttemberg. The professional fire brigade is supported by around 300 members of the volunteer fire departments in the municipal area of Heilbronn.

The Heilbronn fire department responds to approx. 1,800 incidents per year. Firefighting is just one of their many tasks. Equally important is technical assistance in emergency situations involving humans and animals. These include, for example, serious traffic and industrial accidents. In addition, the fire department provides assistance for collapses, explosions, floods, storm damage, and gas, chemical and oil incidents.

The new HLF 20 is a significant component of the brigade’s fleet, which includes numerous vehicles.
With its 18-ton chassis and 340 hp, the equipment of the HLF 20 is especially tailored to the range of applications of the fire department, and it is impressive:

Technical data

Rosenbauer Kalender 2018_Daten: HLF 20