“Hello, I’m the new CL-Compact Line (CL-P) of the Root fire department. My story started in October 2014 when my requirements profile was created.

In June 2016 it was time, and I was tendered together with a respiratory protection vehicle. Three bidders submitted their offers, and the different offers were compared and evaluated.

My contract went to Rosenbauer Schweiz AG, on the grounds that I’m very compatible for work with volunteers. This was followed by an order clarification interview and numerous phone calls until my exact specifications were defined.

Root fire department first met me on March 16, 2017. They traveled from Zurich to Vienna by plane, and from there continued by car to Neidling to discuss the shell construction.  I had many eyes on me, handled here and there, and inspected according to the order form. Phew, that was a hard day, but I was glad that I finally got to know my future owners.

My first big trip took me to Switzerland, to Rosenbauer Schweiz AG in Oberglatt.

During the installation meeting, my interior design, the associated modules on wheels, and my labeling were discussed and defined.

Before I was allowed to go to my destination, I was first presented to the public at the “Suisse Public” local trade fair in Bern. Many Swiss fire brigades admired me, took pictures of me, and wanted to learn more about me from the staff at the booth. I felt a little bit like a star on the red carpet.

On October 28, I was solemnly handed over to the Root fire department and blessed. Now, I’m available 24/7 for the Root fire department’s training events and missions, and I do my utmost for the benefit of the nearby communities.”


Technical details

Rosenbauer Kalender 2018_Daten Julibild