At the FDIC, the largest American firefighting exhibition, the new Avenger celebrated its debut in 2017. It is the high-end variant of the Rosenbauer custom chassis.

Both outside and in, the new Avenger presents itself in a design never before seen in American fire engines. From bumper to bumper, it is styled with a contour that reflects its robust character, while simultaneously giving it a highly dynamic profile and underlining its power. The Avenger is certainly currently the most advanced and innovative vehicle in the US fire service industry. It is a completely homogenized vehicle that once again demonstrates the innovation strength of the Rosenbauer Group.

Under the cladding, the Avenger – like any fire engine – is all about safety. A sturdy steel frame construction ensures maximum torsional rigidity of the chassis. The construction materials ensure stability and longevity. High-quality suspension components, an automatic transmission, and engines with up to 450 hp are guarantors of high driving performance and driving stability.

The cockpit has also been redesigned. This gives the driver and front passenger more legroom, and the instrument panel has greater visibility for both. In addition, the crew cab can be laid out according to the individual needs of the fire department. Shelving can be set up as required, instruments can be installed in various places, and small devices can be stored where the crew will have them handy. An Avenger cab is thus always tidy.


Technical details

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