With 69.5 million passengers in 2017, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is the tenth largest airport in the world and far and away France’s busiest airport.
To ensure the safety of its 32 km2 surface area, and in particular its four runways (unique for Europe) around the clock, Paris CDG has a team of 126 airport firefighters, split between two stations – one in the north and one in the south.

With the first PANTHER 8×8 delivered in 2011, the fleet of firefighting trucks is currently composed exclusively of Rosenbauer vehicles and comprises seven PANTHER 8x8s, one E8000 escape stair and one HLF from the AT line.
Paris CDG Airport initially ordered a total of six new PANTHERs, with a delivery rate of one PANTHER 8×8 per year, each equipped with a capacity of 12,000 liters of water, 1,500 liters of foam, 250 kg of powder, and an RM15 bumper turret and RM60 roof turret.

In order to respond to all possible scenarios, Paris CDG regularly invests in innovative means of intervention, such as its first E8000 escape stair, which went into operation in 2011 at the French airport, and has been in regular use ever since.
Like many airports around the world, Paris CDG has long been impressed by the tactical advantages of an extinguishing arm (HRET) to facilitate even more effective intervention in, for example, engine and landing gear fires or to provide water-based cooling.
When creating the new specifications for its ARFF vehicles in 2009, the HRET option was already being taken into consideration! But it was only at the end of 2016 that France approved the installation of HRETs on ARFF vehicles…

With the support of his management, Vincent Robert, Head of the Paris CDG Airport Fire Department, managed to immediately obtain an investment budget for their first ARFF vehicle fitted with an HRET.
This project coincided with the development of the new PANTHER 8×8 and, after a thorough technical analysis and several meetings in Leonding, Paris CDG Airport decided to purchase three new HRET-equipped PANTHER 8x8s. “We can now benefit from the innovations of the new PANTHER generation, with the performance of the Rosenbauer Stinger 54 with RM65 turret and piercing tool,” stresses Vincent Robert.
The first new PANTHER 8×8 with HRET was delivered to Paris in December 2017, in parallel with the commissioning of a completely new PANTHER Simulator Center. A second will arrive in September 2018, and the third PANTHER will follow in early 2019.


Technical data

Rosenbauer PANTHER 8x8