There is a saying about the “egg-laying and milk-giving wool-pig,” which doesn’t exist as far as we know. However, today I would like to introduce a concept that comes very close to it: The decontamination tank extinguishing truck.

Three such vehicles have recently been put into service at the National 119 Rescue Headquarters in South Korea. These special combination vehicles can handle a wide variety of decontamination tasks quickly and easily, with minimal personnel requirements.

Special challenges require special solutions

Together with the customer, special solutions are developed tailored to their requirements. The resulting overall concept requires a three-axle carrier vehicle and an additional two-axle trailer to carry the extensive payload to the operation site. In addition to the equipment for personal, object, vehicle, and surface decontamination, this vehicle features an N25 pump with DIGIMATIC proportioning system and CONTI CAFS compressed air foam system. The extinguishing agent is primarily supplied via a 3,000-liter water tank and two foam tanks. So even fires can be fought.

Decontamination at the highest level

Complex waterworks with a variety of sub-units allows extensive possibilities for decontamination.

The basic decontamination of persons is carried out in a shower unit integrated into the rear of the vehicle. This is situated on a modified tail lift. Fine-decontamination occurs in the four-part wet area in the accessible rear part of the vehicle. The entrance and exit can be protected from the weather by an electrically extendable awning.

A front-mounted spray bar enables surface decontamination in pump & roll operation, and a special overpressure filter system ensures that no hazardous substances can penetrate into the cabin.

To round things off, this vehicle is also fitted with a comprehensive payload. From the decontamination area for people and objects through a complete cleaning line which can also accommodate vehicles, all the way to a three-line shower tent for mass contamination. All equipment can be loaded and set up by means of roll-on/roll-off containers, manipulation systems, but also with relative ease and simplicity via single-person operation.

Finally, the vehicle can perform self-decontamination via a self-cleaning system.

Well-planned overall concepts that save money

The points mentioned highlight only the key data of this vehicle. It quickly becomes apparent that a great deal of work has gone into the conceptual considerations, and that an all-round concept has been created for optimal use within the framework of the customer’s tactics and procedures.

Technical Data

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