Almost a year after the delivery of the vehicles BUFFALO 6100/750/250 to Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA), the wallpaper on his project manager’s desktop from the static roll-over angle test performed on the prototype unit, still remains. In this test, it reached easily 28º required by the client, but still stood fully fixed on the ramp, expecting for more.

A challenging project, for a very demanding client. Based on a high mobility and powerful chassis, with Euro 6 engine, these vehicles started the use of the new N65 pump on commercial chassis. The first pumps of this type, manufactured at the headquarters in Austria, including the electronic foam proportioning system FIXMIX 2.0 E, were ordered for this project.

Based on the modular CBS concept, this vehicle has a water and foam tank design optimised to ensure premium stability performance in such type of appliance. The integration of our latest generation of components, such as the N65 fire pump and RM35C monitors, by using our CAN BUS system LCS 2.0, provides its experience in use to be similar to their big brother, the PANTHER.
According to ICAO standards, this vehicle is equipped with mixed systems of extinguishing water-foam and dry chem.

The design process of these new units took less than a month. About after six months from the customer’s order, the prototype of the five units was ready to be checked by the customer. As a main sign of company identity, the contact between the technical department and the customer makes that every small detail of the manufacturing process matches with customer’s expectations. This is one of the reasons why our vehicles are ready to be used from day one after delivery.

The use of CAN BUS connection systems in this type of vehicle, enables  the fire fighters to have complete control of the extinguishing equipment, doing it’s use in a logical and simple way.
Moreover, despite the fact that these units have large quantities of extinguishing agents on board, the design is carefully done to achieve maximum performance in all terrain conditions. Because nobody knows where these vehicles will have to achieve their best performance, neither the conditions nor the access to reach the incident.
This feature, in connection with the user-friendly control handle for the monitor RM35C, ensures an efficient extinguishing process, despite of how complicated is the situation the fire fighters can find.

To give the best service, Rosenbauer takes care of their maintenance, so after almost a year, all units BUFFALO 6100/750/250 delivered, are a reference in effectiveness and ease of use.

The BUFFALO 6100-750-250, a well-studied solution for Extinguishing and Rescue operations at airports environment, no matter how difficult this can be.


Technical data

Technical data_Rosenbauer BUFFALO AENA