• Rescue Stairs E8000/E3000 for Kuwait International Airport

    Kuwait relies once again on the E8000/E3000 Rescue Stairs

    Kuwait International Airport, or KWI for short, is the largest and only international airport in the Emirate of Kuwait. Unlike in many other countries, the airport fire service in Kuwait is also operated by the Civil Defence. The newly re-named "Kuwait Fire Force" is a long-standing Rosenbauer customer, and has largely renewed its vehicle fleet in recent years. The Kuwait Fire Force's airport fleet includes five new PANTHER 6x6, as well as two new E8000 Rescue Stairs. The versatility of Rescue Stairs, when deployed alongside ICAO-mandated ARFF vehicles, are increasingly being recognised by customers around the world, and Kuwait is [...]

  • Tiller Aerial for Seaside Rescue & Fire

Tiller Seaside 3148

15.12.2020|0 Comments

A semi-trailer truck in the front, a tiller cab in the back, and 15 m of pure firefighting technology in between. Introducing the new ladder truck of the Seaside Fire & Rescue Department on the coast of Oregon. Why did Chief Daniels and his crew opt for this particular type [...]

  • Refurbishment from Rosenbauer

    Refurbishment: A second life for a fire truck

    Turning old into new Here at Rosenbauer, we don't build vehicles, equipment and components designed only for a single lifetime. And to further improve on this, Customer Service has launched the Refurbishment Program. This has [...]