• The benefits are centre stage

    The benefits are centre stage

    Since the introduction of the Concept Fire Truck (CFT) in autumn 2016, many fire departments and experts in the field had an opportunity to learn about the special functions and ergonomic benefits of the vehicle concept. As it turns out, some of the trends in the industry that the CFT offers solutions for appear to be particularly important. At the top of the list are health and safety, followed by environmental aspects fueled by the climate crisis, the mobility mega-trend, and ongoing urbanization. Amongst the countless functions of the CFT, the following innovations stand out the most: driving safety, agility [...]

  • Rosenbauer at the A+A in Düsseldorf

With personal protective equipment at A+A

14.11.2019|0 Comments

At the beginning of November 2019, Rosenbauer was once again represented as a one-stop supplier of personal protective equipment for firefighters at A+A, the world's leading trade fair for occupational safety and health in Düsseldorf, Germany. The decision to present ourselves to a national and international audience as a one-stop [...]

  • Neo Ecology - Rosenbauer Firefighting Trendmap

Megatrend of neo-ecology – more than just organic!

06.11.2019|0 Comments

The “interrelationship between living things and their environment” - that is the definition of ecology - and it seems to have hardly ever been more critically scrutinized or put to the test than of late. Due to the climate crisis, [...]

  • The ET in Slovenia

    The ET in Slovenia

    ... no, the ET is not a vehicle from another galaxy, but it does shine bright on the horizon of the Rosenbauer Group. Slovenian fire departments also put their trust in the Rosenbauer ET. They [...]