• Airport Line Up Rosenbauer PANTHER

    Perfectly Matched

    The PANTHER of today is essentially the product of 30 years of further development with the constant goal of being the best ARFF vehicle for emergency crews. However, even if this target is always the drive and motivator, there are still other determining factors that influence the further development of a product. Changes in extinguishing agents, operational tactics, changes in norms and environmental standards are just a few examples of influencing factors that must be taken into account. In addition, there is constant and rapid technological change, which for the most part offers new possibilities and opportunities, but also harbors [...]

  • Position Light HEROS H30

HEROS Position Light: Protection Through Visibility

19.04.2022|0 Comments

Be visible – always and everywhere. This was an essential goal in the development of the HEROS H30 firefighting helmet. For this purpose, the well-known HEROS helmet lamp HL3Ex was integrated into the H30 in the tried and tested position (front center) and ensures optimal lighting of the area around [...]

  • Rosenbauer Wildfire Management

Wildfire needs Rocket Science!

13.04.2022|0 Comments

At the very least, we are convinced that the use of satellite data will facilitate the handling and management of forest fires in the long term. For this reason, as the largest fire-fighting vehicle and solution provider with 150 years [...]

  • RT Revolutionary Technology

    The RT: To the Scene and Beyond

    "What's the range like?" This is usually one of the very first questions asked when discussing electric vehicles, and one that's often seen in the online comments about the Rosenbauer RT/RTX (Revolutionary Technology). In the [...]