• With personal protective equipment at A+A

    With personal protective equipment at A+A

    At the beginning of November 2019, Rosenbauer was once again represented as a one-stop supplier of personal protective equipment for firefighters at A+A, the world's leading trade fair for occupational safety and health in Düsseldorf, Germany. The decision to present ourselves to a national and international audience as a one-stop supplier for all things PPE (personal protective equipment) was once again a complete success this year. The fair offered us a forum to present the Rosenbauer PPE system to a special professional audience whose primary concern is the procurement, standardization, and approval of PPE. Once again this year, we had [...]

Internship as Springboard to Rosenbauer

01.10.2019|0 Comments

Many roads lead to Rome, but also to Rosenbauer. In the case of Markus Furthlehner and Arif Tuna, this road was their summer job in 2018. The two young men - then still technical college students - spent last year's summer job at Rosenbauer's technical division. Markus Furthlehner, application [...]

The CFT on snow and ice

21.03.2019|1 Comment

The Concept Fire Truck (CFT) went on tour again in February. This time it traveled in Scandinavia and stopped in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. We also had the opportunity to make a tour stop at the remote airport of Fagernes [...]

  • Majorca, better protected against wildfires

    Majorca, better protected against wildfires

    With more than 16 million tourists from all over the world, the Balearic Islands are an exceptional destination for tourists. There you will find more than 1,000 kilometres of coastline, some 400 beaches, five nature [...]