• Escape Stair

    Consistent further development: the Rosenbauer Rescue Stairs in new top form

    As already mentioned in several blog articles, the Rescue Stairs is a special technical development by Rosenbauer that primarily supports the access of firefighting and rescue teams into an aircraft and the monitored evacuation of passengers. A Rosenbauer Rescue Stairs can therefore also not be compared to ground support equipment (GSE) at the airport. In an emergency, every second counts, every move must be perfect, and the setup time for personnel and equipment must be reduced to a minimum. The E5000 and E8000 Rescue Stairs vehicles were uncompromisingly designed as rescue equipment and for use by airport fire departments. The [...]

  • Digitization

Digitalization @ Rosenbauer

11.10.2021|0 Comments

What does digitalization actually mean? What does it mean for us specifically? It has been a "buzzword" on everyone's lips for years and is often invoked as the savior of a new economy. With many new technologies as drivers, of which it is still not entirely clear today what they [...]