• Escape stairs: the height makes all the difference.

    Escape stairs: the height makes all the difference.

    This may not be a well-known fact, but escape stairs are often an airport fire department's most commonly deployed vehicle. The essential purposes of escape stairs can be expressed in a nutshell as creating quick access to the aircraft for rescue workers and evacuating large crowds quickly and safely. To meet the requirements of airport fire departments, Rosenbauer manufactures two variants of escape stairs, the E5000 and the E8000. In the last blog post on the topic of escape stairs, a focus was placed on their function and requirements. In the upcoming blog posts, I would like to go into [...]

  • Neo Ecology - Rosenbauer Firefighting Trendmap

Megatrend of neo-ecology – more than just organic!

06.11.2019|0 Comments

The “interrelationship between living things and their environment” - that is the definition of ecology - and it seems to have hardly ever been more critically scrutinized or put to the test than of late. Due to the climate crisis, scarcity of resources, globalization and other factors, external circumstances change, [...]

  • AT rescue fire fighting vehicle (HLF 40) for Airport Hamburg

Two is always better than one: two HLF 40s for Hamburg Airport

16.12.2019|0 Comments

By now it is common knowledge that airport fire brigades have special requirements when it comes to their vehicles, but this vehicle - or rather this pair of vehicles (yes, two identical vehicles were delivered) - particularly stands out within [...]

  • 20,000th FOX in action in northern Germany

    20,000th FOX in action in northern Germany

    The success story of the Rosenbauer FOX portable pump series continues... In December 2019, the 20,000th Rosenbauer FOX portable pump was ceremoniously handed over to the Elsdorf-Westermühlen fire department in Rendsburg-Eckernförde district by our Rosenbauer [...]