• The possibilities of the electric drive!

    The possibilities of the electric drive!

    The Concept Fire Truck (CFT), which was presented on the occasion of Rosenbauer's 150th anniversary in September 2016, is increasingly attracting the interest of fire departments and the public alike. It triggers astonishment, curiosity in some, and always enthusiasm. The development of the concept study for the fire truck of the future took several years and was a tricky task for us, as the concept aimed to provide answers to the essential questions of the future - the firefighting megatrends.   "Is it an electric vehicle?" That's usually the first question we're asked. "Yes, the CFT runs entirely on electric power." - Amazement. This is almost always followed by "But [...]

  • Rosenbauer HEROS titan Feuerwehrhelm

Quick & easy: Maintenance & repair of HEROS helmets

18.05.2018|0 Comments

The firefighting helmet is one of the most important components of the personal protection equipment (PPE). It also protects our head. To ensure the suitability of our helmet for exercises and operations, a check is necessary. This check should be carried out after every operation, especially after operations in which [...]

A Simulator Center in the Spotlight.

09.05.2018|0 Comments

How is a simulator center created? And how do you even come up with the idea of a simulator center? This article tells the story of the Simulator Center Paris - what requirements there were, and how the project could ultimately be realized through cooperation between Rosenbauer and Paris CDG Airport. It all started with a visit by fire department chief Vincent Robert and his team from the Paris Charles [...]

  • The TIGON. Radical in every way.

    The TIGON. Radical in every way.

    Remote oilfields, hard-to-reach industrial facilities, mines and extreme terrain are all challenges that emergency services find difficult to overcome. That's why we have provided them with the right tool - the TIGON. The radical minimization [...]