• PANTHER 6x6 Bolivia

    Over the Road of Death to the scene of the emergency: Five PANTHER for Bolivia

    AASANA is responsible for the provision of monitoring and protection services for aviation across the entire Bolivian airspace, and also for the administration of airports within the framework of approaches and quality standards that ensure their safety. Due to this, it makes a significant contribution to the country's development and integration. To ensure this, five Rosenbauer PANTHER have been purchased for Captain Aníbal Arab Airport, Teniente Jorge Henrich Arauz Airport, Riberalta Airport, Guayaramerín Airport and Yacuiba Airport. Even the vehicles' transport along the "Road of Death" - at an altitude of up to 4670 m above sea level - to their [...]

  • Technical center

Trust is good, control is better

15.04.2021|0 Comments

The system operator is responsible for the operational safety of the extinguishing system. Extinguishing systems are long-term investments that operators want to be able to rely on even after many years. In order to increase the service life, and above all so that the systems function reliably in an emergency, [...]