• CBS HAZMAT Decontamination vehicle

    HAZMAT Decontamination Vehicle – Well Thought out Down to the Last Detail

    The word HAZMAT is probably only known to insiders in the firefighting world. It is the abbreviation for the words hazardous material and means dangerous substances. This includes liquids, gases, materials, and objects that pose a risk to living organisms, public safety, or important public property. So when we talk about a HAZMAT decontamination vehicle, we are talking about a vehicle that supports the emergency crews in decontaminating people and objects that have been contaminated by a hazardous material. When we refer to contamination in Central Europe, we tend to think of major incidents such as Chernobyl, but fortunately the [...]

  • Position Light HEROS H30

HEROS Position Light: Protection Through Visibility

19.04.2022|0 Comments

Be visible – always and everywhere. This was an essential goal in the development of the HEROS H30 firefighting helmet. For this purpose, the well-known HEROS helmet lamp HL3Ex was integrated into the H30 in the tried and tested position (front center) and ensures optimal lighting of the area around [...]