• Virtual vehicle acceptance at Rosenbauer

    Vehicle acceptance from 7,000 km away

    At the beginning of 2020, the Asian region was gripped by the coronavirus earlier than here in Europe. When the virus was still known as a purely “Asian” issue in the media in Austria, we at Rosenbauer still thought that it would be under control in a few months, and that we could continue our Asian business as normal. But we know better with hindsight. Travel restrictions have now been in place for more than 10 months, and all stakeholders in the fire service industry have had to put up with restrictions of varying degrees of severity. Together, we have [...]

  • Tiller Aerial for Seaside Rescue & Fire

Tiller Seaside 3148

15.12.2020|0 Comments

A semi-trailer truck in the front, a tiller cab in the back, and 15 m of pure firefighting technology in between. Introducing the new ladder truck of the Seaside Fire & Rescue Department on the coast of Oregon. Why did Chief Daniels and his crew opt for this particular type [...]