• The right fan for every operation

    The right fan for every operation

    4 minutes read

    Why positive pressure ventilation? "Fight fire with a fan, not with water!" Statements like this always lead to heated discussions. However, there is a simple principle behind this. In order to survive, people who are exposed to toxic fire smoke need fresh air more than anything. And it is precisely this supply of fresh air that is created by means of positive pressure ventilation - when used correctly. Another feature of this firefighting method is the easier and therefore faster advancement of the SCBA crew due to improved visibility, which significantly increases the likelihood of a safe and successful operation [...]

  • CFT tour of North America: Los Angeles

Touring the US and Canada: The CFT in North America (Part 1)

10.02.2020|0 Comments| 4 minutes read

In the last couple of months the Concept Fire Truck was on the road in the US and Canada to present its innovative technology to fire departments across North America.   In Ventura County members of Rosenbauer America (RBA) and Velocity Equipment (dealer) joined us.Persons f.l.t.r.: Doug Feldman (regional [...]

  • Articulating Cobra Platform 55' for PA Hose Company

Wyndmoor Fire Rescue 82

02.01.2020|0 Comments| 2 minutes read

A multifunctional aerial with first-attack qualities on a maneuverable Commander chassis. Since last year, Wyndmoor Hose Company No.1 has been operating with a new 55’ Articulating Cobra Platform (ACP). The vehicle combines no less than five functions. Firstly, it transports [...]