• Changes in Vehicle Technology Pioneered by the Rosenbauer AT

    Changes in Vehicle Technology Pioneered by the Rosenbauer AT

    6 minutes read

    Compared to today, the number of municipal vehicles produced by Rosenbauer was tiny in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The reason for this was that the production was based on the framework engineering principle that was commonly used at the time, which was also the process employed by many smaller vehicle manufacturers and even metalworking shops. In addition, there were hardly any standards in place to regulate qualitative requirements. This scenario led a group of resourceful colleagues to think about new, alternative ways of building vehicles. Franz Hochdanninger from Sales and Alfred Glatzmeier from Development gave input that led [...]

  • Rosenbauer PANTHER and staff at Kansai International Airport

Rosenbauer in Japan: A personal journey into the past

27.01.2020|0 Comments| 7 minutes read

If, as a newly hired employee, you are asked to see the management in their office after just two weeks, this creates a lasting memory. And it really seems to me like yesterday that the technical director at that time, Dr. Helmut Gumbsch, in a brief conversation, entrusted me, the [...]

  • Articulating Cobra Platform 55' for PA Hose Company

Wyndmoor Fire Rescue 82

02.01.2020|0 Comments| 2 minutes read

A multifunctional aerial with first-attack qualities on a maneuverable Commander chassis. Since last year, Wyndmoor Hose Company No.1 has been operating with a new 55’ Articulating Cobra Platform (ACP). The vehicle combines no less than five functions. Firstly, it transports [...]