• AT Upgrading LED-Beleuchtung

    AT Upgrading: Tried and tested vehicles once again at the cutting edge of technology

    Thanks to their robust design and regular servicing and maintenance, Rosenbauer ATs provide decades of reliable service. With the upgrade offers from Rosenbauer Customer Service, it is possible to make the vehicles fit for today's requirements and to significantly increase their functionality. The upgrade measures are modular and therefore the vehicles can be upgraded and improved according to individual requirements. LED upgrades There have been important technological leaps in lighting over the years: more light, less power consumption. Modern LED technology offers numerous advantages over conventional, halogen lighting products. Up to three times the luminosity and thus an enormous level [...]

  • Rosenbauer Commander Heavy Rescue

Rosenbauer America’s vehicle line up: a look behind the scenes

01.12.2022|0 Comments

Rosenbauer has proudly served the North America Market with a full apparatus lineup for over 50 years. Under the name Rosenbauer America (RBA), we offer the most technologically advanced portfolio, from Aerials to our RTX electric firetrucks. The North America market is extremely diverse in practices and community needs, which [...]