• Rosenbauer in Japan: A personal journey into the past

    Rosenbauer in Japan: A personal journey into the past

    If, as a newly hired employee, you are asked to see the management in their office after just two weeks, this creates a lasting memory. And it really seems to me like yesterday that the technical director at that time, Dr. Helmut Gumbsch, in a brief conversation, entrusted me, the recently hired university graduate, with the task of certifying the first airport fire truck that Rosenbauer ever delivered to Japan in accordance with Japanese standards and regulations.   A milestone in airport construction Kansai International Airport was still under construction in July 1992, and was seen as a milestone in [...]

  • Concept Fire Truck (CFT)

The benefits are centre stage

04.12.2019|0 Comments

Since the introduction of the Concept Fire Truck (CFT) in autumn 2016, many fire departments and experts in the field had an opportunity to learn about the special functions and ergonomic benefits of the vehicle concept. As it turns out, some of the trends in the industry that the CFT [...]

  • AT rescue fire fighting vehicle (HLF 40) for Airport Hamburg

Two is always better than one: two HLF 40s for Hamburg Airport

16.12.2019|0 Comments

By now it is common knowledge that airport fire brigades have special requirements when it comes to their vehicles, but this vehicle - or rather this pair of vehicles (yes, two identical vehicles were delivered) - particularly stands out within [...]