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    “Stay Connected” with Rosenbauer digital products

    The operational scenarios in fire prevention and disaster control are becoming increasingly complex. We live in a world in which not only new technologies are spreading more and more rapidly in society, but also, compared to previous decades, the environment is changing particularly rapidly. This makes it necessary to find answers and tools to these new challenges and situations just as quickly. In recent years, one way of dealing with this has emerged under the omnipresent term digitalization. With a brand new toolbox full of digital tools, it is possible to face the increasing complexity, create a good overview and [...]

  • Protective Boots BOROS B4

From idea to product: development of the BOROS B4

03.11.2021|0 Comments

As a product manager at Rosenbauer, it is my responsibility to ensure that our products are ideally suited to the requirements of the emergency crews. In the field of firefighting boots, survey results showed that maximum protection with excellent day-to-day comfort is important. Ease-of-use and a cool design were also [...]