• Taking the curves

    Taking the curves

    When firefighters respond to a call they need a vehicle capable of high speed, rapid acceleration, hard braking, and maneuverability. The driver must have focused concentration, strong nerves, and experience. The Concept Fire Truck (CFT) is a showcase of cutting-edge technology. Its special architecture, paired with independent suspension and a hydropneumatic chassis, has enabled a new level of driving performance and safety. Each axle is powered by an electric motor with 180 kW (240 hp) peak output and 425 Nm of torque from a standing stop, giving the CFT plenty of power. Although it weighs up to 18 metric tons, it [...]

  • Rettungstreppe E8000 Rosenbauer

The E8000 for Australia

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With the introduction of the new Super Jumbo Airbus A-380 in 2004, a whole new set of challenges was thrown to the Airport Fire Fighting Crews at major airports served. Besides the massive dimensions and fuel loads, one new challenges was the increased number of passengers to be evacuated in [...]

  • FF Rutzenmoos RB 400 Bischofshofen 2018 ©Mirja Geh_Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull 400 – a firefighting competition with a difference.

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Running up a ski jump might sound a bit crazy, but it's an exciting challenge to look back on. Humanity always tries to strive for more - and we also look for ways to push individuals' personal limits. A great [...]