• Turret extinguishing systems and RPA Infrared Detection Ignis3D

    The earlier the better: infrared technology in fire protection

    What is infrared technology used for in fire protection? There are many different ways that fires can be detected. Detection systems trigger at different times in the course of the fire: The systems that give off an alarm relatively soon for an incipient fire are active detectors such as smoke aspiration systems. They can detect smoke particles in the air. Smoke detectors then detect smoke and fumes. At the end of the spectrum are sprinkler systems which are only activated when a certain temperature is reached on the ceiling due to fire. Infrared systems are the first to sound the [...]

  • Rosenbauer Feuerwehr Trendmap 4.0

    The Firefighting Trendmap 4.0

    Dealing with megatrends is often equated to trying to predict the future - while that may be desirable, it is only partially true. Megatrends are nothing more than a summary of developments and currents which [...]