• Heavy Rescue Vehicle with crane for Civil Defence Qatar

    Heavy rescue vehicle with crane for Qatar: perfectly equipped for large-scale operations along the coast

    Qatar Civil Defence  has been a Rosenbauer customer for decades and has already purchased several heavy-duty, high-end rescue vehicles with cranes. For the upcoming 2022 Football World Cup it was decided to purchase another larger rescue vehicle on a MAN TGS 6x6 chassis with a 48 mt crane with a range of up to 21 m. The operational focus of this vehicle is on vehicle recovery along the coast, where vehicles repeatedly fall over the coastal fortifications, and in some instances have to be recovered from the water. In addition, a 60 m cable winch is also attached to the [...]

  • Digitization

Digitalization @ Rosenbauer

11.10.2021|0 Comments

What does digitalization actually mean? What does it mean for us specifically? It has been a "buzzword" on everyone's lips for years and is often invoked as the savior of a new economy. With many new technologies as drivers, of which it is still not entirely clear today what they [...]