• Industrial fire fighting vehicle for the Flemish port city of Antwerp

    Industrial fire fighting vehicle for the Flemish port city of Antwerp

    2 minutes read

    Brandweer Antwerpen is one of the largest firefighting departments in Belgium. In addition to protecting the city of Antwerp, it is also responsible for the safety of Europe's second largest port (total area approx. 152 km²) and the world's second largest chemical industrial park. Since Brandweer Antwerpen is already using a number of Rosenbauer vehicles, the decision was made - after putting out a tender - to once again opt for the technological leader in the fire service sector. The new CBS industrial fire fighting vehicle is built on the new generation Scania P500B 8x4 NZ chassis. Equipped with an [...]

  • CFT tour of North America: Los Angeles

Touring the US and Canada: The CFT in North America (Part 1)

10.02.2020|0 Comments| 4 minutes read

In the last couple of months the Concept Fire Truck was on the road in the US and Canada to present its innovative technology to fire departments across North America.   In Ventura County members of Rosenbauer America (RBA) and Velocity Equipment (dealer) joined us.Persons f.l.t.r.: Doug Feldman (regional [...]

  • Handover of the 20,000th FOX portable pump

20,000th FOX in action in northern Germany

13.01.2020|0 Comments| 3 minutes read

The success story of the Rosenbauer FOX portable pump series continues... In December 2019, the 20,000th Rosenbauer FOX portable pump was ceremoniously handed over to the Elsdorf-Westermühlen fire department in Rendsburg-Eckernförde district by our Rosenbauer sales partner in Schleswig-Holstein, Kraft [...]