• Silver Society – Benefit from generations of knowledge

    Silver Society – Benefit from generations of knowledge

    The steadily increasing life expectancy is also an exciting development for the fire fighting sector. Due to the increased difficulty in finding new, voluntary forces, experienced colleagues are available for support for a longer period of time, as senior experts, whether in active service, with handicraft skills or also in training. Increased health awareness, which can be seen in today's social developments, positively contributes to a higher and longer lasting fitness. Through the increasing demands on the emergency crews also more is demanded from older fire department members in everyday [...]

  • FF Landshut Rosenbauer L32A-XS

A totally crazy idea. Until someone thought it was possible …

28.08.2017|0 Comments

From a small idea that is too crazy to be feasible, to an indispensable tool for saving human lives. The origins of the L32A-XS. It's sometimes surprising when you look back at how our products came to life. I don't want to start with "Once upon a time...," because this is no fairytale. A few years ago, we held a series of discussions on the topic of how to improve the L32A. In countless conversations [...]

  • Rosenbauer ET

In focus: ET – Efficient Technology

01.02.2018|0 Comments

Since the middle of last year, Arabian fire departments are able to use the new Rosenbauer ET series (Efficient Technology). It’s all about efficiency in this vehicle concept. The ET series has a very high degree of standardization and therefore can be assembled in a very efficient way in our [...]

  • When Fire takes hold of Nature

    When Fire takes hold of Nature

    Forest firefighting vehicles - deployed under the most extreme conditions. As a leading manufacturer of special vehicles, Rosenbauer's wildland firefighting application area is also a key focus. The competence center for forest and bush firefighting [...]