• Rosenbauer Forest firefighting vehicle

    What makes a good Forest Fire Fighting Truck?

    Every year in the summer months, forest fires across Europe feature in the coverage of various media. From Germany to Italy, from Spain to Greece, climate change is not only making vegetation fires more frequent and larger, but also increasing the risk period from spring to autumn. Besides all the new modern possibilities for detection, early recognition, and situation reconnaissance by means of satellite-assisted systems and drones, robust and maneuverable vehicles are still an indispensable means of fighting wildland fires. What makes these special forest fire fighting trucks so special and what must they be able to do? In a [...]

  • Position Light HEROS H30

HEROS Position Light: Protection Through Visibility

19.04.2022|0 Comments

Be visible – always and everywhere. This was an essential goal in the development of the HEROS H30 firefighting helmet. For this purpose, the well-known HEROS helmet lamp HL3Ex was integrated into the H30 in the tried and tested position (front center) and ensures optimal lighting of the area around [...]

  • Rosenbauer Wildfire Management

Wildfire needs Rocket Science!

13.04.2022|0 Comments

At the very least, we are convinced that the use of satellite data will facilitate the handling and management of forest fires in the long term. For this reason, as the largest fire-fighting vehicle and solution provider with 150 years [...]