• Quantity vs. Efficiency – Contradiction or Complement?

    Quantity vs. Efficiency – Contradiction or Complement?

    High-end pump unit for the Rosenbauer COMMANDER with N130, Hydromatic G12, H5 and RM130 "Application ratio kills the fire" is often the primary argument put forward by American industrial fire departments. This equates to the number of liters of extinguishing agent applied to a surface over time. However, while this basic truth cannot be dismissed outright, there are also other aspects to be considered, such as water supply, water storage, soil contamination, water damage, and so forth, that can be given as counter-arguments to the excessive application of extinguishing agents. If a rescue firefighting vehicle is to be [...]

  • Rosenbauer HEROS-titan

The right firefighting helmet for every standard

09.05.2019|0 Comments

Before a "firefighting" helmet is placed on the market and may subsequently be used in different application scenarios, it must be tested and certified according to the standards applicable to the respective country. The HEROS-titan Pro is certified according to other standards than the HEROS-titan. The basic idea [...]

It’s all about Physics: Tipping

11.03.2019|0 Comments

Current incidents underline that the overturning, i.e. tipping, of tank firefighting vehicles is currently a hot topic in the firefighting sector. Rosenbauer, as an innovation and world market leader, has always diligently dealt with the topic of safety and accident [...]

  • Fast, agile & ready for action: The TMB 0/4000/0-42

    Fast, agile & ready for action: The TMB 0/4000/0-42

    The requirements for the new emergency vehicle for the company fire brigade of the industrial area Schwechat were enormous: Rescue of people in the industrial area, high equipment, blind spots, great extinguishing power, which, as is prescribed [...]