• Internship as Springboard to Rosenbauer

    Internship as Springboard to Rosenbauer

    Many roads lead to Rome, but also to Rosenbauer. In the case of Markus Furthlehner and Arif Tuna, this road was their summer job in 2018. The two young men - then still technical college students - spent last year's summer job at Rosenbauer's technical division. Markus Furthlehner, application engineer at Rosenbauer International AG "As part of my stint at Rosenbauer, I learned about the company and the people here, gained valuable work experience, and found out whether this is a good fit. And it worked out," says a clearly pleased Markus Furtlehner, who has since begun a [...]

  • ARFF Working Group - group picture during the tour of Rosenbauer.

Right ​in ​the ​middle ​of ​things – ARFF Working Group Confrence

25.06.2019|1 Comment

"Global Partners Working Together for Aviation Fire Safety & Protection" – it was under this slogan that the joint conference of the ARFF Working Group and the Airport Fire Officers Association (AFOA) was held from May 7-8, 2019 in Linz, Austria. The aim of the event was to enable experts [...]

  • Fluorine-free Foaming Agents in Preventive Fire Protection

Getting the Chemistry Right – Fluorine-free Foaming Agents in Preventive Fire Protection

25.06.2019|0 Comments

Surfactants reduce the surface tension of liquids and thus enable foaming. In everyday use, you can find them in soaps, shampoos, and detergents. Extinguishing foam contains fluorinated surfactants, some of which are known environmental toxins - here's an overview. Foaming [...]