• The Future of Helping

    The Future of Helping

    "ERROR - the Art of Imperfection" was the theme of this year's Ars Electronica Festival, the world's largest art, technology, and society event with a unique gathering of creators, media artists, technologists, scientists, researchers, companies, and start-ups. The festival was held from September 6-10 in Linz, Austria. An error as a deviation from the norm does not always have to be interpreted negatively. It can also be seen as an engine for society, as an incentive and impetus for new things. In most cases, however, errors do lead to difficulties. Accidents, fires, natural disasters - all of these events can be considered as the results of mistakes in everyday life, as unwanted interruptions of a planned process. In this respect, [...]

To Upgrade and not Merely ‘Replace’

24.07.2018|1 Comment

As Rosenbauer UK continue to deliver on the surge of municipal Fire and Rescue Service orders – with a particularly saturated second half of 2018 – I look back to see how the seeds we’ve sown since 2014 have matured to create something particularly exceptional for the brave firefighters using [...]

A Simulator Center in the Spotlight.

09.05.2018|0 Comments

How is a simulator center created? And how do you even come up with the idea of a simulator center? This article tells the story of the Simulator Center Paris - what requirements there were, and how the project could ultimately be realized through cooperation between Rosenbauer and Paris CDG Airport. It all started with a visit by fire department chief Vincent Robert and his team from the Paris Charles [...]

  • Even more safety for the PANTHER

    Even more safety for the PANTHER

    To provide the fastest possible assistance at airports, the PANTHER has a correspondingly high engine power and acceleration values. One of the many requirements is to quickly deliver large amounts of extinguishing agent to any location at the airport. Arriving safely at the destination is [...]