Be visible – always and everywhere. This was an essential goal in the development of the HEROS H30 firefighting helmet. For this purpose, the well-known HEROS helmet lamp HL3Ex was integrated into the H30 in the tried and tested position (front center) and ensures optimal lighting of the area around the emergency personnel. But what about the rear?

A so-called position light has been integrated into the rear of the helmet so that emergency personnel can also be seen from behind in poor light conditions. It makes emergency personnel visible where reflective stripes fail to do their job. And that is anywhere where there is not enough extraneous light.

The position light can flash and stay on, but what are the specific features?

Position light for HEROS H30It is powered with an AAA battery. Incidentally, the same battery type is also used for the helmet lamp, so there is no need to keep different battery types in stock. Depending on the set brightness (you can choose between 5 brightness levels), the position light achieves an incredibly long operating time of 38 to 160 hours. To ensure that the position light does not accidentally stay on in the locker for days, it has an automatic switch-off function. If at some point the battery is nearing the end of its capacity, the lamp does not simply switch itself off, but indicates this by flashing. In other words, about 2 hours before the battery is completely exhausted, the lamp changes to flashing mode (it is no longer possible to switch to continuous light mode). This indicates to the user that the battery needs to be replaced after use.

Another important feature is the explosion protection. The position light has the same properties in terms of explosion protection class as the helmet lamp. The HEROS lighting system is therefore perfectly coordinated.

In summary, the position light is more than just a small light on the rear side of the helmet. It’s a smart gadget, which proves Rosenbauer’s position as an innovation leader: Protection through visibility, always and everywhere!