Modern heavy rescue vehicles, or how oversized toolboxes turned into high-performance rescue vehicles.

You often hear that the concept of the heavy rescue vehicle is a bit outdated. But current examples demonstrate ever more that these types of vehicles, which are ideally adapted to the regional conditions, offer big added value to fire departments.

The crane allows the working boat to be put in the water regardless of slip options.

The crane allows the working boat to be put in the water regardless of slip options.

This spring a heavy rescue vehicle was delivered with a crane to the voluntary fire department of the city of Traun. Traun is the second-largest community around Linz and thus faces many demanding scenarios. I went to Traun in order to get a picture for myself of the home of the heavy rescue vehicle and its applications.

It already stood out in the vehicle hall. It’s an impressive vehicle: three axles, 8,700 mm long, powerful loading crane, cable winch, 40 kVA built-in generator.

You would think that such a three-axle vehicle can only manoeuvre in certain areas of a town, but almost the opposite is true. With this vehicle, the turning radius of just over 17 metres is very small thanks to the steered rear axle and the wheelbase of 3,900 mm.


Schweres Rüstfahrzeug Feuerwehr Traun

Extensive special equipment to deal with a wide range of applications.

The vehicle contains extensive equipment for rescue operations. A powerful loading crane with a maximum reach of 21 metres, a load torque of 385,5 kNm and a 25 kN crane winch offers completely new options. In combination with the 80 kN built-in winch, this ensures the handling of many rescue and recovery scenarios.

Branch Fire Inspector Oskar Reitberger, commander of the Traun Voluntary Fire Department, explains that above all this vehicle rounds off the whole concept of rescue operations. In the event of a technical accident rescue, the command vehicle deploys, followed by the rescue vehicle and the rescue extinguishing vehicle. The crew of the command vehicle can also forge access to trapped people with the help of a combined rescue device as well as ensure fire protection through poly extinguishing system. The additional large vehicles are then specifically put into operation, whereas the heavy rescue vehicle takes on major roles and is equipped accordingly. The concept allows such deployments to be handled with as few personnel as necessary.

In addition, commander Reitberger also briefly outlines scenarios which have led to this vehicle concept. So now rescues can be handled better in conjunction with trams, because the crane provides the technical requirements for safety. This also applies to incidents with containers, where fire department are frequently asked to help, or in case of missing slip options for the A-boat. Alongside the extensive equipment, which is also designed for heavy traffic, the vehicle has a plasma cutter, for example, for train accident rescues.

You could say that this vehicle is really universally talented.


Compact power pack for the Bad Mühllacken volunteer fire department

Schweres Rüstfahrzeug Feuerwehr Bad Mühllacken

Interesting concept for Bad Mühllacken: removable equipment compartment.

A further exciting concept has just been implemented with the Bad Mühllacken volunteer fire department. Alongside extensive equipment, this vehicle also has an 18 metric tonne loading crane above a removable equipment compartment.

You can read more about this vehicle here!





Perfection through cooperation

Rosenbauer has been making rescue vehicles with cranes for over 40 years. Then as now, we try to develop and implement concepts perfectly designed for your requirements. As a result, extremely exciting vehicles have been created to serve our fellow men. It will be exciting to see what else there is to come.

Piqued your interest? I look forward to questions and ideas about technical rescue concepts.