The Concept Fire Truck (CFT) went on a trip to two European cities which are particularly committed to fighting against climate change: Oslo and Amsterdam.

Norway benefits from hydroelectric energy and is massively advancing the issue of e-mobility. Which is why electric vehicles currently make up more than a third of all new vehicle registrations – and that number is on the rise. Even though charging stations are literally on every street corner, they are now running short of sockets! The reason: the charging infrastructure is growing annually by around 25%, while the number of electric vehicles doubles every year. The ambitious goal: by 2025, vehicles powered by fossil fuels are to be a thing of the past on Oslo’s streets. This also applies to commercial vehicles, i.e., also fire departments!

Rosenbauer CFT on tourSo it is no wonder that Norwegian fire departments are expressing a lot of interest in the concept study of the firefighting vehicle of the future, the Concept Fire Truck (CFT). One driving factor is the ecological aspect, while the other issue pertains to firefighting technology and tactical aspects! The CFT impresses all round with its innovations and its revolutionary vehicle architecture, which could only be realized by the use of electric drive trains: excellent ergonomics, highest functionality and safety, high loading volumes with compact dimensions, as well as one-of-a-kind agility and driving performance.

Rosenbauer CFT on tourAlongside the debate about the theoretical backdrop, which explains the why of the concept study, seeing the vehicle in person was of even greater interest. True to our motto “get in touch,” the experts could gather an impression of the new and unique approach. The highlight for everyone: test driving the CFT! Silent gliding, powerful acceleration, and stable cornering included.

Rosenbauer CFT on tourAfter Oslo, Amsterdam was visited next. The Netherlands are also increasingly keen on e-mobility.
In Amsterdam, there are now over 2,000 charging stations – people here are also working hard on accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.

Dutch fire departments were able to view the CFT for several days. During which the pump operation and the use of the front pressure outlets was tested as well, of course.

Rosenbauer CFT on tourIn the dark, the fire fighters and experts were impressed by the excellent performance of the integrated scene lighting. The CFT was in continuous use for demonstration trips, and finally we drove to the city center to Kazerne Dirk, one of the oldest active fire stations in Europe. Also impressive here were the compact dimensions and the high maneuverability of the concept vehicle, which is perfect for narrow alleys.

We didn’t bring back any trolls or tulips to Austria, but lots of new stimuli, amazing impressions, and a common idea of what the future might look like.