When training is the success factor

Our immediate environment is oftentimes telling of just how different career paths can be. Training, motivation, external factors as well as the professional and private decisions we make on a daily basis lead us to where we are at present. For David Windhager, it was the decision to apprentice at Rosenbauer – the beginning of his personal success story!

September 1997. Just like every year, a group of young people began their apprenticeships on September 1. The faces of the new arrivals reflected elation, excitement, and some uncertainty about what was to come. Among them was David Windhager, who at 16 years-old was not content “just sitting behind a desk at school” (in his own words). He decided to train as an industrial manager at Rosenbauer and spent the next three years acquiring experience and knowledge in a variety of departments.

And before David knew it, his apprenticeship was complete. He became very familiar with the purchasing, sales, customer service, retail sales and shipping departments, among others. David describes his apprenticeship as diverse and has positive memories of the responsibilities assigned to him already during his training. For example, he was tasked as an apprentice with independently shipping freight and containers – a really exciting job for him at the time!

After his time in the Austrian armed forces, David accepted a position in customer service working in the field of technical documentation. He not only performed his job with full commitment, but also simultaneously completed a Master’s degree at the Danube University Krems. From there, his career skyrocketed. We was appointed a group leader, a role in which he has successfully completed challenging projects, such as the internal content management system and the spare parts web shop, and he was eventually given full responsibility for the spare parts department. Meanwhile, the company continues to grow, opening new locations and becoming more international, which affords David the opportunity to travel abroad. He frequently visits the USA on behalf of the customer service department – an unforgettable experience and, on top of everything else, a true benefit when it comes to enhancing his technical know-how as well as his English skills.

Today, David is responsible for the entire Rosenbauer service department with the job title “Head of Global Product Division Customer Service“. He is proud to have come this far – with enthusiasm and passion, a great deal of diligence and ambition, the support of the company, and a perfectly coordinated team. “If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. As an international company that produces really cool products, Rosenbauer has a lot to offer its employees.”


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