In addition to the usual challenges faced by the fire service, such as exercises, training and, of course, operations, there is also a rigorous selection process in many fire service organizations in various countries.

Firefighting competitions were originally primarily created to train the teams, which at that time consisted mostly of volunteers, in the use of equipment. Nowadays, such sporting competitions have established themselves as an indispensable component of the firefighting sector. Several umbrella organizations and related disciplines have developed throughout the long history of such events. Several times a year, firefighters are expected to achieve top performances in various disciplines, with the team disciplines being particularly exciting in this regard. Alongside the CTIF, the International Sport Federation of Firefighters & Rescuers – “INTERFIRESPORTS” for short – is one of the best-known organizations in the field of firefighting.

The video below from our dealership partner Požární bezpečnost s.r.o. shows the FOX 4 in action during a training exercise.

The extinguishing assault is a particularly spectacular part of the competitions, since this is carried out using a water extinguishing pipe. Just as in actual operations, the equipment is of great importance here. “INTERFIRESPORTS” has been relying on the FOX portable pump from Rosenbauer for many years. Not only is a high level of reliability required here, but above all the team needs a portable pump that can keep up with the athletes in terms of performance, suction power and operability. This is exactly where the competition mode of the fourth generation FOX comes into play.


And this is how it works

Competition mode of the Rosenbauer FOX S portable pumpFor performance competitions, the FOX portable pump can be operated fully automatically. This means (after activating the appropriate mode) that depending on the rules of the firefighting competition, at the push of a button on the control panel, the pump starts, sucks and regulates to the desired nominal pressure in the shortest possible time.

This requires an optional 5-button control panel for additional functions, which primarily consists of training mode, competition mode and pressure pre-selection buttons.

Automated operating steps in the competition mode:

  • The engine is started
  • The suction system starts up
  • Once the suction process is completed, the speed is increased automatically.
  • If the discharge pressure should be limited, either the speed is to be reduced via a potentiometer, or the pump pressure regulator is to be actuated with a fixed discharge pressure via the pressure pre-selection buttons.

Advantages of the competition mode:

  • Best possible and consistent performance for all participants
  • Minimized potential for errors as a result of simplified operation
  • Additional functions are always available and can be activated at any time


15 Rosenbauer FOX portable pumps for the Czech Fire Service AssociationNew purchase for the Czech Republic

Recently, 15 fourth-generation FOX portable pumps were delivered to the Fire Service Association in the Czech Republic, which in turn distributed them to the respective fire departments. The great advantage here is that the competition mode is always at hand with the equipment, and can be activated at any time by means of a key combination. This means that not only do fire departments have one of the best and most powerful portable fire pumps available for use, but also an ideal piece of equipment for firefighting sports competitions.