“The CL is the vehicle from Rosenbauer with the large, one-piece electric roll-up-type doors!” – Yes, that’s right! But it is just one of the many variants with a special option from the CL options list. The CL (Compact Line) has a lot more to offer!


Two series with different designs

The Rosenbauer CL features a

  • panel truck with a total weight of up to 5.3 tons and a
  • truck with a weight ranging from 5.3 to 13 tons. Depending on the customer’s wishes and the chassis, it is equipped either with the
    • original twin cabin from the chassis manufacturer or with
    • a Rosenbauer crew cabin integrated into the superstructure


Not all CLs are alike

Small, but powerful

The vehicle dimensions are oftentimes an important criterion. On the one hand this is due to fire houses having limited space or entryways. And, on the other hand, because of passages with low clearances which prevent access by vehicles with an overall height of three meters or more.

But small dimensions do not mean less equipment, water, foam, or pump output! The CL can accommodate up to 6.5 tons of firefighting equipment on its 13 ton chassis. This is made possible by the lightweight aluminum superstructure of the Compact Line, which consists of load-bearing sandwich panels and does not require any restrictive partition walls or interior profiles. This saves superstructure weight, creates space, and allows the structural volume to be used almost completely for the payload.

The low design also serves the needs of the crew for loading and unloading: While larger vehicles require cumbersome hinged steps, unloading equipment from compact vehicles is much easier.


The advantages of the CL series at a glance

Low superstructure height
  • Excellent driving characteristics (low center of gravity)
  • Easy to unload equipment (directly from ground level)
   -> High degree of safety
Compact superstructure
  • Very maneuverable
  • Tight alleys, tunnels, narrow mountain roads, emergency lanes
   -> Applications
Large roll-up-type doors
  • Customizable interior design (few vertical partitions)
  • Excellent overview
Lightweight construction
  • Higher live loads for more firefighting equipment and load
  • Driver’s license
   -> Cost benefit