FDIC 2017 Wrap-Up! The international Fire Department Instructor’s Conference is the largest annual fire department trade fair in the USA, which is always held in the Convention Center in Indianapolis.

This year, Rosenbauer had an especially strong presence and more than validated its claim to be the technology leader by presenting four innovative new products!

Rosenbauer HEROS-titan Pro FDICOne highlight of the show, especially for the US market, was the NFPA-certified firefighting helmet, the HEROS-titan Pro.
In addition to the NFPA tests, the helmet also fulfills the special requirements of the strictest European standard EN 443. And the helmet scores highly with all its ergonomic advantages!


Rosenbauer PANTHER FDICAfter its first presentation at the ARFF Working Group Conference last Fall, now the new PANTHER 6×6 was also presented to a wide public for the first time in the USA. The US version, which is built in the Wyoming plant in Minnesota, is specially oriented to the requirements of North American airports.


Rosenbauer AVENGER FDICAt Rosenbauer’s plant in Wyoming, also the new AVENGER was built as a modern evolutionary development of the COMMANDER. In addition to the futuristic design, above all the improved ergonomics and a larger field of view are the standout features.


Rosenbauer CFT FDICIn accordance with our theme for the show – Experience the future – the future of firefighting was made understandable in the form of the CFT: the Concept Fire Truck.
After its first presentation at the 150th anniversary celebrations at Rosenbauer in September 2016, now the Concept Fire Truck has been presented to the public in the USA for the first time. The response was huge! CEO Dieter Siegel and the CFT team from Leonding fielded numerous questions from interested show visitors. From derivation of the individual functions of the vehicle right down to fire department trends, no question was left unanswered. Many American as well as international fire departments got a glimpse of the future, which is now within reach for us! The enthusiasm for the issue has now arrived in the USA as well!