… to rescue and protect people, living creatures, and equipment!

In the Rosenbauer training centers and also directly on-site, annually hundreds of equipment managers are trained on their products – from the portable fire pump through to the aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle. Some of them come a long way for this. In 2016, alongside customers from Australia we also welcomed customers from Tahiti, South Africa, and many other countries and they all have the same motivation and goal: maximum operational readiness!

Rosenbauer International AG - Training

The participants from exotic Tahiti completed an equipment manager and maintenance training course in summer 2016 at Leonding/Austria for a PANTHER 6x6S, in order to be able to carry out all future service work themselves on the chassis and superstructure. Interesting detail: distance from Leonding to Tahiti = 16,301.2 km (approx. 10,128 miles)

The requirements and responsibilities of the equipment managers are high and keep on increasing. As a manufacturer and partner of fire departments, we take our obligation to maintain the operational readiness of the equipment seriously and gladly pass on our knowledge and experience in equipment manager training sessions.

The content and methods of these training sessions are defined and developed by experienced trainers and service technicians, whereby the feedback and wishes of the equipment managers play a decisive role in the design of such training. New issues are continually matched with the requirements of the equipment managers and adopted in the training concepts. One example: Years ago mechanical work was still the focus, now more training on pneumatic and electrical systems is in demand. Equipment managers want to recognize and fix small faults themselves. Not only does that preserve the fire departments’ budget, but it also maintains their effectiveness. For more complex faults, precise fault descriptions can be sent to the Rosenbauer Service department in advance, and in the ideal case the technicians also can then bring the right spare parts with them.

Our training is oriented towards target groups. Depending on the learning goal, a brief theory section is followed by training on the device or in the workshop. “70/30” is our training standard, which means that 70% of the training is practice. As the old saying of Konfuzius goes:

What you tell me I’ll forget.
What you show me I’ll remember.
What you let me do I understand.

The contents of the practical parts are manifold – from refreshing operator knowledge to recurring testing, maintenance, and inspection work right through to more complex troubleshooting and repairs. On average, such training lasts 1-3 days. However, several weeks of individual training with a certificate are not uncommon.

Naturally, this training also includes enough time to exchange experiences as well as tips and tricks.

Did you know? You can find all of our general training courses on our website (link), and we will also gladly advise you individually and create a target group-oriented training program for your fire department.
Maybe we’ll see you at our next training!