What sets us apart at Rosenbauer is our common overarching goal, combined with our commitment and our innovative, high-tech products to assist those who risk their lives every day to save the lives of others!

With this in mind, we can proudly say: OUR JOBS WILL SAVE LIVES!

An emotional message that clearly demonstrates the uniqueness and social importance of Rosenbauer and is therefore at the heart of our new appearance as an attractive employer.


But why all of this?

"This job will save lives." - Employer Branding at Rosenbauer job adEmployer branding is no longer a buzzword, but rather a necessity in order to keep up with the highly competitive labor market as there is a clear imbalance between supply and demand.

The baby boomers are slowly but surely exiting the labor market – today, young, dynamic workers are looking for jobs with potential for self-fulfillment and for attractive employers: Who offers what? What image does a company have? How meaningful are the tasks/activities of the job? And much more.

It can even be said that today companies are applying for suitable candidates, and not only vice versa. For us as an employer, it is important to adjust to this development, to react, to show all positive qualities, and to create the ‘perfect match’ between the applicant and the company.

Even within the company, a certain paradigm shift is noticeable: employee loyalty is no longer purely achieved via monetary strategies. Employees increasingly want to be challenged and promoted. Increased priority is placed upon self-realization and a sense of purpose. Thus, an attractive employer brand can provide support and creates an identity and emotional attachment for current employees.

It is therefore even more important for Rosenbauer to establish what makes us unique and what sets us apart from other employers. This is exactly what we want to achieve with our new employer image: focusing on the core message – saving lives with our daily work – we should arouse emotions and increase the visibility and positive perception of Rosenbauer as an employer, not only on the labor market, but also among current employees. The color design should support this: Red is loud, passionate, and inevitably attracts attention.


Our common goal

With our current and future employees, we will continue to work together in the future to further develop firefighting technology and to be a forerunner in the industry. Because one thing is clear: It is not just Rosenbauer’s will to be the global innovation leader that makes us this very company. Rather, it is our employees; with their diversity and their ideas, united by our common goal: to protect those who risk their lives every day in saving the lives of others.

A goal to be proud of!


Further information about career possibilities at Rosenbauer on www.rosenbauer.com/career