The name says it all: Compact Technology stands for very compact and also very powerful municipal vehicles from Rosenbauer. Well thought-out and modern technological concepts enable the combination of high performance and small dimensions as well as low weight. In addition to the CT Frame vehicles placed here in the foreground and under the tree, the CT Profile (in the background) and the CT Van (not in the picture) are also part of the product line.

The CT Frame is undoubtedly the king of compact vehicles and can be mounted on both truck and van chassis. Here, state-of-the-art technologies and compact dimensions are combined to create a highly integrated municipal vehicle. It is especially suitable for fire fighting operations in narrow alleys, on narrow car parks, in narrow tunnels, as well as at low clearance heights.

The challenge for many municipal fire departments is significant: An emergency vehicle should not only transport firefighting equipment, but also as much gear and rescue personnel as possible. Yet it should not be particularly high, wide, or heavy. The CT Frame from Rosenbauer meets these requirements, because the concept allows it to be built on light chassis. There are even configurations that allow drivers with a C1 driver’s license (up to 7.5 tons) to man the steering wheel.

The CT Frame is particularly appreciated by volunteer and professional fire brigades, which have to bring a lot of power through narrow spaces to the scene of the emergency.

Technical data

Technical details of the CT Frame