Anyone who sees a vehicle from this series can only guess at how many different application possibilities this new superstructure offers fire departments! Portable pump vehicle, small firefighting vehicle, logistics vehicle, equipment vehicle, or small rescue vehicle are all possible!


A highlight of this concept is the variability in the design of the side walls. You can choose between roller shutters, tarpaulin, a flap or a solid wall depending on your requirements, operations, or construction guidelines. Even combinations are possible! The rear is just as variable, which can be locked with a tail lift, roller shutters, or a rear flap.

LED lighting

Another highlight is the LED illumination technology which is well-known from other products. But it is improved once more in design, execution, and lighting power in this vehicle. In addition to the lighting power and the numerous illumination options, the finish is also impressive, as the loading area is not obstructed by any cabling or protruding lights whatsoever.

Roll-on/roll-off container fixing

The roll-on/roll-off container fixing system also offers significant benefits. It combines the flexibility of roll-on/roll-off containers and the familiar removal options of TLF vehicles, i.e., open the roller shutters and the payload can be removed.


The most important aspects for fire department operations are the robustness and durability of the vehicle. Here, the team also did their homework and it really shows.